Once Upon a Time season finale recap: Journey to the Past

Time travel, true love, blah blah blah -- all we really want to talk about is that chilly parting shot
Ep. 21 | Aired May 11, 2014

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And so the status quo has been restored, with a few minor tweaks: Snow and Charming now have memories of mysterious Princess Leia, who helped move along their love story. Their baby now has a name: Neal, naturally. (Guess Baelfire Charming would have been too much of a mouthful.) Belle and Rumpel are married in a simple woodland ceremony by Jiminy Human, of all people, even though Storybrooke has a whole convent full of religious fairy nuns for just this sort of occasion. Oh, and perhaps most importantly: Emma, won over by Hook's heroism, is officially letting Captain Swan become A Thing. All's well that ends well!

Minus these few loose ends: Just when Regina thought she had finally found true love and happiness, Emma had to muck everything up by almost literally bringing Robin's first love -- because of course that's who her fellow prisoner was all along -- back from the dead. Oh, and there's also the matter of the ice queen slowly stalking toward Storybrooke. Hey, Emma: Do you wanna build a snowman?

An Extra Helping of Breadcrumbs

- Who else spotted that golden object on Zelena's compass and initially took it for a genie's lamp? Think the failure of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland has soured Kitsis and Horowitz on Agrabah?

- Speaking of: Next season, Michael Socha's Knave of Hearts officially joins the main Once family. How do you think he'll be integrated into the story?

- If Once is about to erase all of Regina's character development by turning her into a one-dimensional villain once more, then so help me...

- Some timeline/continuity weirdness, of course: Previously, Robin told us that his beloved Marian died shortly after giving birth to their son, as the result of some unnamed illness. The finale... apparently threw all that out the window. [UPDATE: Okay, explanation alert: In "Quite a Common Fairy," all Robin says about "losing" Marian is this: "I lost my wife a while back. And before that we almost never had Roland -- she was so sick... now she's gone and all I have... I can't lose him."] Also: Did we know previously that Belle was in Rumpel's castle at the same time that Snow and Charming were meeting for the first time? Also also: Granny and Geppetto are from the same village?

- Emma, perhaps slightly disappointed by the Enchanted Forest's coronation customs: "You're not going to hold him out in front of the clock tower and present him like Lion King, are you?"

- Also, wait -- since when is a baby-naming ceremony that confers no immediate power also a coronation?

- Robin Hood knows the way into a lady's heart: a blazing fire, lots of smooching, and a plate of assorted meats.

- Love how Evil Past Regina whiles away her time by simply clutching a red apple and staring into space.

- Explained via throwaway line: Aurora was transformed back into a human before giving birth; she did not, in fact, have a monkey baby.

- Whoa, Kathryn/Abigail! Remember her? I'm honestly surprised Once does.

- "If [Zelena] escaped, that would explain the time portal." Nothing gets past you, Belle.

- Later, Rumpel delivers the ultimate burn to Belle: "Go...read a book, or whatever it is you like to do."

- Speaking of: Rumpel is really playing with fire by marrying Belle without coming clean about stealing back his dagger and murdering Zelena. How long before Archie's performing their divorce ceremony?

- Marty McFly: A powerful wizard indeed.

- Kind of surprised that Hook elected to punch Past Hook in the face instead of making out with him, as the rest of us would have done.

That's it for me this season, gang -- see you all for this fall's premiere! I hear it's gonna be a cool party.

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