Once Upon a Time recap: Freaky Sunday

An episode called "Save Henry" delivers what it promises -- though naturally, there's a twist
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 1, 2013

OH BABY "Maybe that poison-apple-flavored formula was a bad idea after all!"

Jack Rowand/ABC

Of course, things aren't actually quite that simple. Pan has been weakened but not wholly defeated; while Henry is resting belowdecks, his great-granddad appears and attempts to steal back that juicy glowing Truest Believer heart. When he discovers that Regina has cast a spell protecting the contents of Henry's chest, Pan goes instead for Plan B: Ripping off the kid's shadow. (Note: We still don't really know what happens when a person's shadow gets ripped off, save for the fact that it apparently killed Growen.) He's stopped in the nick of time by Rumpelstiltskin, who uses blood magic and Pandora's Box to trap his father once and for all. Phenomenal cosmic power... iiiitty bitty living space!

Except, wait -- did you catch the way that both Pan and Henry's eyes flashed as the Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up was being sucked into Rumpel's cube? Because in case you didn't, "Save Henry" is about to spell it out for you: Pan has pulled a Freaky Friday, switching bodies with his descendent and speaking unconvincingly with Jared Gilmore's mouth. Does this mean next week's episode will revolve around a Battle of the Bands?


- For those keeping score: Tonight marks Henry's second Disney Death.

- I'm so glad that thanks to this last-minute switcheroo, the awesome Robbie Kay's Once arc hasn't yet drawn to a close. Not to slag off on Gilmore... but do you think there's any chance the show might make the body switch permanent?

- Adventures in cast juggling: Ruby, who can soon be seen protecting Sawyer from harm on CBS, is mentioned but not shown. And Sidney Glass/the Magic Mirror, currently plotting in post-apocalyptic America is heard but not seen. Regina also never considers asking Sheriff Skinnyjeans to impregnate her, possibly because she knows how busy he currently is not impregnating some other girl.

- Is Rumpelstiltskin's dagger still hidden somewhere in Never Land? What about his shadow?

- Oh hey, it's Dr. Whale! Think he's been playing poker with King George and Hansel and Gretel all season?

- Shortly after getting Henry, Regina can't make the kid stop crying -- but he quiets instantly when in "Mary Margaret"'s arms. Think he could sense his grandmother, or is Snow just warmer than the queen?

- Hey, episode director Andy Goddard: Nice cut from the bonsai trees in Gold's pawn shop to the jungle of Never Land.

- When Regina nearly gave baby Henry back, John and Michael Darling nearly got custody of him. (Boston adoption agencies give children to college-aged brothers?) Because Regina eventually came back, the Darlings were then forced to bide their time playing Follow the Leader for 11 years straight.

- Wendy gives Tinker Bell the last of Never Land's pixie dust; Tink briefly gets the dust to glow with magic when she starts to believe in herself. Think this means it's coming into play before the second half of season 3?

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