Once Upon a Time recap: Freaky Sunday

An episode called "Save Henry" delivers what it promises -- though naturally, there's a twist
Ep. 09 | Aired Dec 1, 2013

OH BABY "Maybe that poison-apple-flavored formula was a bad idea after all!"

Jack Rowand/ABC

Anyhow, learning who Henry's mother is nearly drives Regina to send the kid back on the Orphan Train and out of her life for good. In the end, though, she decides to keep the baby after all. (Boston Adoption Agency Worker's inner monologue: "Yes, this fickle woman who almost returned her baby will certainly make a great and attentive mother. No need to have a social worker ever check up on her again!")

And just to make sure that she can concentrate on parenting without constantly worrying that some blond bail bondsperson with a shoddy inner lie detector is going to come and take her baby away, Regina also brews up a handy forget-me-now potion, which erases her memories of both Gold's suspicious dealings and the identity of Henry's mother. Elsewhere, new moms whose own kids have driven them to drink nod in sympathy.

Back to the future! In Never Land, Henry's three parents just can't wake their mostly dead son. (Have they considered trying chocolate?) The kid's great-grandfather indulges in a few moments of gloating before helpfully explaining that he has Rumpelstiltskin trapped in Pandora's box -- so much for Pan the master tactician -- and flying away to TP Tiger Lily's teepee or whatever. Regina manages to keep the damage from getting any worse by casting a preservation spell over Henry. The spell, though, has an arbitrary shelf life of one hour, meaning that the trio had better meet up with the rest of the MBC and figure out their next move fast if they want to avoid being stuck in this storyline for another week.

Upon arriving back at the Lost Boys' camp, Regina predictably starts champing at the bit to get her torture on. Emma, though, wants to take a different approach. As she realized way back in episode 2, the Lost Boys are exactly what it says on the tin -- neglected, hopeless children who just want to be nurtured and bossed around by someone who's a few years past puberty. So Emma gently explains that she, too, once was lost but now is found, then swears to bring all the kids to her dalmatian plantation in Maine -- if and only if they tell her where she can find Pan.

Lead boy Felix isn't won over by this show of maternal affection, perhaps because he's harboring some Mulanesque feelings for Pan. But the younger boys are a different story -- and after being promised a neat evening on the MBC's own Pirates of the Caribbean ride, they spill the beans on Pan's likely location.

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