Once Upon a Time recap: Oh, Darlings

The pace quickens as we finally travel back to Storybrooke -- and learn who Pan's been keeping prisoner
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 10, 2013

BELLES ARE RINGING And somehow, they've got an Australian accent.

Jack Rowand/ABC


- As the episode ends, the real man in Emma's life is about to go with Pan to the ominously named Skull Rock, ancestral home of pirates in Disney's animated Peter Pan. Might Tiger Lily be hiding there? Or are Pan's racial politics problematic enough that Once has decided to steer away from making her a character altogether?

- Did you notice the little bear hanging from John and Michael Darling's rearview mirror? It looked an awful lot like cartoon Michael's beloved teddy.

- Also: The Darlings' car has a Minnesota license plate (so they didn't drive to Maine from England!) that reads 0920 EAW. Speculate away!

- Every dwarf but Grumpy thinks Storybrooke's been a lot more pleasant since the Charmings left. To wit, in the last five days: No murders! No wraiths! No giants crushing Doc's Miata!

- Jiminy Human wonders why Belle is so glum. Belle, in response: "It's just, [Rumpel] said he was going off to his death." Oh, just that?

- Another minor plot point: Snow finally forgives Charming for lying to her about the poison, and swears to stay in Never Land if he truly is stuck there forever. It won't be so bad; think of all the self-righteousness they can throw at the Lost Boys!

- "He's a prince. The kind with legs." "I'll find him and tell him how I feel, as long as he lives near the beach." Oh Ariel, you have officially become my favorite! I'm sorry I was so crabby about your introductory episode.

- The little mermaid, getting her first glimpse at all of Rumpelstiltskin's treasures: "Look at this stuff!" A chorus of viewers raised on "Part of Your World": "Isn't it neat?"

- I love how quickly Tinker Bell believes that the MBC had captured Pan's shadow. "I need proof!" "Here is a coconut." "Oh, okay, SOLD!"

- So like, the Magical Breakfast Club remembers that the lid of Bae's coconut contraption is full of holes, right?

- What do you think the dark evil that can defeat Pan is? I like the idea of it being the ravages of age; a receding hairline and some arthritis would screw that brat up something good.

- Is it worth wondering why Wendy is still 13ish even though Michael and John have aged, or should we just chalk it up to rando magic?

- Regina rewards Ariel with a revamped magical bracelet that will give her legs whenever she wants, "or a fin; whatever [Eric's] into these days." Hee!

- Next week: It's time to save Henry, except "Save Henry" is the episode that airs two weeks from now. Hmm! Also: Emma and Regina are maybe going to steal the moon?!

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