Once Upon a Time recap: Save the Best for Last

Hook gets an(other) origin story, Henry plays with sharp objects... but nothing really matters until we finally get to The Kiss
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 27, 2013

THIS KISS, THIS KISS! It's criminal...ly hot.

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So it seems that the Boy won't do the MBC's bidding unless they force him to. Regina wants to tear the little snot-nose's heart out, which would give her complete control over him. Snow, predictably, won't hear of it. But Emma doesn't see another option -- so she physically restrains her own mother, whispering an apology as Regina does what she does best.

And here's the thing: Their plan actually works! The Imperius'd kid travel's back to Pan's camp, where he tells Henry that his family is coming to save him. Then he hands over one half of Regina's old compact mirror. Oh hey -- it's not a mirror anymore, it's a magical iPhone! And so Henry briefly videochats with both of his mothers (Snow, adorably: "I'm here too, Henry!), gaining new resolve and somehow not even being caught by the omniscient Pan. Of course, something tells me this isn't the last we'll see of the magic mirror or Sorcerer's Skype.

Meanwhile, Prince "Felix" Charming and Captain "Oscar" Hook odd couple their way through the jungle and to Dead Man's Peak. Hook ascends the mountain first and finds Pan waiting for him. The little stinker first establishes that Hook once worked for him (interesting!), then offers his old comrade a deal: If Hook kills Charming before the dreamshade can, Pan will let Hook and Emma leave Never Land.

There was a time when the Captain would have immediately accepted this sort of indecent proposal. But because he's slowly morphing from Unrepentant Baddie (i.e. J.K. Rowling's Draco) to Sensitive Bad Boy Who's Really Good Underneath It All (i.e. Fanfiction Draco), he instead rejects Pan's offer, telling David only at the very last moment that he hasn't brought him to the peak in search of the sextant. All that stuff about nautical instruments was only a ruse to get David to the magical spring so that Hook could heal the prince's dreamshade poisoning.

Hold up. How easy would it have been to say, at any moment since Charming got stuck with that damn arrow -- at any point since the whole dreamshade plant was introduced, really -- that its poison isn't really incurable? Sure, the magical waters bring their own side effects, but this is absolutely information that could and should have been communicated, oh, three episodes ago. Also: Charming's clearly not going to be stuck on Never Land forever, probably due to the help of his soon-to-be-all-powerful grandson. We can agree on that, right?

NEXT: "As you wish."

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