Once Upon a Time recap: Save the Best for Last

Hook gets an(other) origin story, Henry plays with sharp objects... but nothing really matters until we finally get to The Kiss
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 27, 2013

THIS KISS, THIS KISS! It's criminal...ly hot.

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Killian is too frantic to deliver a well-deserved "I told you so" to his sibling. Thankfully, Pan appears just then to let him know that dreamshade is the world's slowest-acting poison, and that even a massive dose of it won't prevent Liam from swordfighting or stop him from climbing up mountains or otherwise incapacitate him in any visible way. If Killian really does want to remove those unsightly spider veins from Liam's forearm, however, he can always give big bro a drink from a magical spring imbued with all the powers of Never Land -- which is conveniently located about six steps away.

Barely moments after Pan has delivered the obligatory warning about magic -- it always comes with a... $5 off coupon for Gold's Pawn Shop! -- Killian has gathered the healing waters from the Tuck family's spring and fed them to Liam. Hooray, his brother is cured! Well, at least until the boys fly off into the sunset, land -- er, sea -- on a more familiar surface... and Liam drops dead anyway.

Here's what Pan didn't tell Killian: Though the water can heal people and keep them young, it'll also kill any drinker who attempts to leave Never Land. Distraught, Killian buries his brother at sea and decides that he'll make that unnamed king pay for Liam's death by transforming himself into a sexy pirate. That escalated quickly!  Avast, is there a villain in Onceworld who didn't become wicked only after losing a loved one?

Back in present-day Never Land, the Magical Breakfast Club's members decide they've got two jobs to do. The gals will work on trapping a Lost Boy so that they can convince him to deliver a message to Henry. The guys are going to set off for nearby Dead Man's Peak, where Hook says there may be a sextant that can help to guide them out of Never Land. (Emma, echoing the audience before this plot's big reveal: "And you're telling us about it now?!")

Snow's trap idea works like a dream. Unfortunately, the kid she catches spurns the ladies' Apollo Bar bribe and informs them with a Pan-ian sneer that Henry has become "one of the most vicious new recruits we have had in ages!" And while he's obviously exaggerating, the Lost Boy spirit does seem to be weaseling its way into Henry's subconscious -- thanks to Pan's encouragement, Emma's son manages to use his still-undefined magical whatsis to transform an ordinary stick into a real sword. At Pan's urging, he even used the weapon to fight off the boy Snow and Co. have just captured.

NEXT: Hello, magical videochat!

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