Once Upon a Time recap: Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

Crazy bacchanals and more daddy issues than you can shake a magical dagger at? Yep, must be a Rumpelstiltskin episode
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 20, 2015

FATHER OF BAE'S Tell him, where have you been/Were you off turning/More people into snails?

Jack Rowand/ABC

And there's Pan, swooping in to tell Henry that it's okay his father is "dead" and his mother isn't coming for him. Soon enough, Pan says, Henry will find new things to dream about. The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up whips out his panpipe to play a tune for his unloved lads. And though Henry couldn't hear the pipe's music earlier in the episode, when he was feeling more secure, things have changed. As the hour closes, he's joining in the bacchanal, grinning and spinning and dancing -- at least as much as his rhythm-challenged body will allow. Ruh roh.


- Seriously, it boggles my mind that not a single character has realized that the word "undoing" is purposefully ambiguous.

- When Rumpel calls his son "Bae," Bae responds by booming, "It's Neal now!" Does that mean I should respect his wishes and call him "Neal" as well -- or at least Nealfire?

- Speaking of, let's all cross our fingers and hope that Nealfire doesn't escape from Pan's house of horrors and track down the MBC next week... only to discover Emma and Hook sucking face. (It's not a spoiler if it was in next week's promo.)

- Never once does Fairyback Rumpel bellow "BAAEEEE" a la Michael from Lost; I admire your restraint, Once.

- I love Petulant Teen Bae: "I've already told you, I don't want any more gifts from the people you terrorize!!" Bet he wouldn't say no to a sweet new carriage, though.

- So did we ever figure out why Rumpel spent the whole episode wearing homemade war paint? Was it just a fashion choice, or...?

- A neat callback: Emma says Bae taught her never to break into a place you can't break out of. Later, we learn that Bae learned that tip from Pan.

- Let's overanalyze the sketches on Bae's kid-cave wall! It looked like he drew the Darling house; what else did you catch?

- Emma didn't know Bae liked to draw. Hook: "He got it from his mother." What follows is the world's most awkward pause. Things are gonna get reeaall weird after that aforementioned face-sucking.

- When tentacles began poking out of the water, did anyone else hope against hope that we might be getting our first glimpse of Ursula?

- Groaner of the night comes courtesy of Pan, after sneering that Rumpel is just an unloved, lonely, lost boy: "Hey, I like the sound of that! That's what I'll call my new group of friends." Dishonorable mention: The three separate occasions in which a character uttered the episode's title.

- Just for fun, Snow tells Charming -- still secretly suffering from the world's most slow-acting poison -- that she'd never get over him if he happened to die. She could teach a master class on unintentional guilt trips.

- Your opinion on Ghost Vision Quest Belle is desired: Are you always glad to see Emilie de Ravin, or still sort of confused as to why she's showing up at all?

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