Once Upon a Time recap: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Tinker Bell joins the show -- though that's not what'll have everyone talking
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 13, 2013

HERE'S TO THE LADIES WHO LUNCH Seriously, don't Regina and Tink look like they're in a musical revue?

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- If Hook er, hooks up with Emma, he'll have gotten with Bae's Twue Wuv AND the guy's mother. Eww.

- I'm a little proud that I predicted Mulan/Aurora way back at the very beginning of season 2 -- though I never, ever thought the show would actually go in that direction

- Also, Aurora's pregnant. Wait, are she and Phillip even married? Homoeroticism and unwed parenthood in one episode?! When did ABC turn into ABC Family?

- When visiting Regina in a fairyback, Rumpel notes the delicacies laid out on her dining table: "Roast swan! That's amusing," he giggles. "You'll get that later."

- I really wish someone would remind us what dreamshade is, or what it does!!

- Regina's Simmering Rage is the name of my new riot grrrl cover band. The Queen of Nothing is our opener.

- Henry is given a poisoned arrow and told to point it at Felix, but at the last second, he aims for Pan (who easily catches and discards the projectile). Think he's read Mockingjay?

- More silly fairy talk, though this line was at least (I think) supposed to be funny: "You've already broken every rule in the book -- curfew, dust discipline. You got big for no reason!"

- Oh yeah -- Regina's other soulmate? None other than Robin Hood, tattooed hottie of Sherwood Forest. Evidently, she almost met Robin years before convincing the genie to kill her husband and going full Evil Queen.

- More fun with timelines: Robin broke into Rumpel's castle for the first time when Belle was living with the Dark One; his now-late wife (Maid Marian) gave birth and died soon after. Since Roland is 4 years old, that means Belle came to Rump at least three years before the curse. The kid must have been 3 when it hit, then began aging again when Emma came to Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest became unfrozen.

- Poor Tink; when the Blue Fairy says she doesn't believe in Ms. Bell and her wings get stripped away, she goes from appropriately attired fairy to grown-ass woman in a goofy leotard.

- Hey, did you hear that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are engaged IRL? Talk about your happy endings!

- Did you check out OUAT in Wonderland, and if so, what did you think? Judging from the amount and tenor of comments on the show's inaugural recap, I'm not sensing an enthusiastic reception.

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