Once Upon a Time recap: Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Tinker Bell joins the show -- though that's not what'll have everyone talking
Ep. 03 | Aired Oct 13, 2013

HERE'S TO THE LADIES WHO LUNCH Seriously, don't Regina and Tink look like they're in a musical revue?

Jack Rowand/ABC

...which is that, as Pan said, Henry may not exactly be an unwilling captive by the time the Rescuers arrive.

Despite the kid's (somewhat irritating) innate goodness, Stockholm syndrome seems to be settling in, at least a tiny bit. Sure, the Lost Boys are scary and callous and marked by a halitosis that strikes only after centuries of neglected oral hygiene -- but they're also kinda fun, if poisoned arrow play and knife fights are your thing.

More importantly, Pan has told Henry what the boy has perhaps always wanted to hear: that he's not just the son of a savior, but a savior himself as well. (A religious allegory just in time for the Christmas season!) See, according to Pan, the world's magic is dwindling. What's more, the only person who can stop the inevitable drought is Henry -- the spawn of both light (Charming/Snow's line) and dark (Rumpel's line). Henry doesn't believe Pan's story, maybe because it feels too good to be true... until he sees the drawing of him Pan's been saving and realizes that Peter really has been searching for Henry for decades.

Know who else remembers that prophetic drawing? Baelfire, who surmises that if Emma's in Neverland, she must be trying to rescue Henry from Pan's grasp. He digs through his father's closet of wonders, searching for a way to make a portal... then comes up with a plan B when some Merry Men, including Hagrid Little John, enter the room with Robin Hood's son Roland.

Apparently, any boy can summon Pan's menacing shadow just by standing in front of a window and saying, "I believe." Be careful while singing The Darkness to your own reflection, kids! Little Hood is therefore the perfect bait; he calls the shadow to him, Mulan saves the boy from the shade's wretched grasp, and Bae latches onto it just as it's heading back to Neverland. Well, that was easy! The Enchanted Forest crew gets more accomplished in 10 minutes than the MBC has in three whole episodes.

Before you can say "father and child reunion," Bae has landed on Neverland's not-so-sunny shores, where Felix greets him with a creepy grin. This new development may put a damper on Henry's savior complex -- not to mention Emma and Hook's blossoming whatever. Good thing the pirate brought plenty of rum with him.

NEXT: Wait, Regina's other Twue Wuv is who?

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