Once Upon a Time recap: Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead?

Zelena's wicked plot reaches its climax -- but naturally, there's a twist
Ep. 20 | Aired May 4, 2014

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Dear Good Guys: If a pirate has been cursed with the power to remove your savior's magic, maybe don't send them to try to take down the curser together. Alas, because Snow is currently in labor, Charming is left to call the shots... which would be why everything immediately falls apart. Emma and Hook head to the farmhouse to stop Zelena once and for all; she easily impedes them by nearly drowning Hook, forcing Emma to administer mouth to mouth. What a ripoff -- after all that, the "kiss" that deprives Emma of her powers is about as romantic as a ninth-grader locking lips with Resusci Anne?

The baby is born -- awww! -- and the erstwhile members of the Magical Breakfast Club, plus their auxiliary pals, are determined to stop Zelena from snatching away the little prince. They are, to a man, utterly, utterly useless once Emma's powers are gone and the protection spell she cast is lifted. Z barely breaks a sweat as she moseys into the hospital and steals away Kid Charming, who will be a very powerful DJ someday.

And so Zelena has everything she needs to cast her time-travel spell, four ingredients that happen to correspond both to the cardinal directions and to the elements of magic Glinda mentioned earlier tonight: Rumpel's brain, Regina's heart, Charming's courage, and the baby, a representation of innocence in its purest form. And with Emma decapacitated, there's nothing standing between Z and the glowing wormhole about to open in the giant compass she's had Rumpel dig in the dirt floor of the stables. Right?

Wrong! Because here come Regina and co., who have just realized that the so-called Evil Queen also has the power to harness light magic. (After all, she broke Curse #2 with it last episode; why not give it a go again?) With that, Regina transforms from a morally ambiguous caterpillar to a beautiful, heroic butterfly, snatching away Zelena's honking emerald and all the powers contained with in it. Dear New Good Guy Regina: If your wicked half-sister keeps all her magic in a piece of fairly cheap-looking jewelry, when you finally get your hands on said pendant, consider destroying the damn thing. Immediately. Oh, what's that? You'd... you'd rather just stick it in a heart box and worry about it later? Whatever, lady; it's your funeral.

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