Once Upon a Time recap: The Heart of the Matter

Regina's mother returns, sort of, as the gang finally figures out Zelena's plan
Ep. 18 | Aired Apr 20, 2014

Jack Rowand/ABC

And so Snow is the first to understand Zelena's true motivation: The witch wants to change the past so that Cora never has to give her up. Which means, in short, that she's hoping to go back in time and murder Princess Eva -- because without Eva's tattling, Cora would have been able to marry Leopold and keep Zelena. (And what, pass her off as his baby, even though she'd be several months pregnant by the time the wedding happened? How exactly would that have worked? Let it go, let it go...) And as Belle informs them, Z's got nearly everything she needs to complete her spell... except the baby Snow's due to pop out at any moment. Why do I have a feeling that kid's birthday is going to dovetail splendidly with season 3's finale?


- Also tonight: A newly pumped up Regina and Robin finally have their first kiss. It's been a long time coming, but still, I wonder: Are you on board with this pairing?

- When Cora abandoned Zelena, Rumpelstiltskin hadn't yet taught her magic. So where did that tornado come from? Did Zelena herself conjure it?

- Zelena, silkily: "Envy's just another word for ambition." Regina, proving she has a working knowledge of the English language: "Well, that's just not true."

- I know the kid was supposed to be in mortal danger -- but who else couldn't help laughing when Young Roland was pretending to be jerked along by an invisible rope, then found himself stymied by the world's teensiest ditch?

- Continuity alert! Belle, reasonably, asks Regina why she should help the woman who imprisoned her, and tortured her both mentally and physically. (She of course ends up helping anyway.)

- Emma's magical abilities are developing nicely, just in time for a blowout battle at the end of the season.

- Regina: "I'm not in the mood for a heart to heart." Snow: "I'm not sure that's physically possible right now."

- Another nice callback to the past comes when Snow observes how her mother did Cora wrong: "She told a secret, just like I did."

- Did my ears deceive me, or did the "next week on Once" announcer pronounce the Good Witch's name as "Galinda"? Isn't that the property of Universal Studios?

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