Once Upon a Time recap: Boat Show

Yo ho, yo ho, a (surprisingly dark) Hook episode for us!
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 13, 2014

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Ariel is distraught, but thanks Hook for helping her find closure. Finally, her innocent kindness makes him feel so overwhelmed with guilt that the pirate confesses what he did to her in Fairy Land. Ariel... doesn't take it very well, even after Hook says he'd do anything to undo the past, and claims to still believe in love. Which leads Ariel to ask if he still loves the woman who broke his heart... then demand that he swear by his lost love's name. Then, after Hook admits aloud that he's got a major thing for Emma, "Ariel" transforms into the wicked being she's been all along.

That's right -- Zelena took Ariel's form specifically to trick Hook into giving up Emma's name. By doing so, he's given the witch the power to curse him. Now the next time Hook kisses Emma, he'll pull a Rogue and suck out all her special powers. (Except her ability to tell when people are lying, because that is fake fake fake.) At first, Hook refuses to play along, correctly guessing that Zelena can't hurt Emma because she needs those powers -- but Zelena simply tells him that if he doesn't do the suck, she'll go ahead and kill everyone Emma loves. That's dark, Once. And it's also basically where the episode ends. Bum bum buuuumm!


- Eric and Ariel, incidentally, get their happily ever after on a remote beach, where they're always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom.

- Okay: According to this episode, present-day Henry is 12. Which means that the events of seasons 1, 2, and the first half of 3 all took place over the course of one very eventful year. Which means that currently, it's 2013 on Once. That said, the timeline's still a bit of a mess.

- The only problem with Zelena's plan: The show just established that Regina can cast a protection spell that can't be undone via blood magic. So why can't Hook go ahead and make everyone who's close to Emma come over to Charming and Snow's, then just tell them about the curse Zelena cast upon him?

- Also, True Love's Kiss has the ability to break any curse. So if Hook and Emma's feelings are mutual by the time they smooch, will Zelena's power-sucking curse even work?

- Smee, conceding that there are a few good things about the real world: "I have never tried anything quite like frozen yogurt before."

- Emma is still convinced that she's going to take Henry back to New York City when all this witch nonsense has been taken care of. At least there he won't be able to get behind the wheel.

- Ariel, proving she's never seen a Disney movie: "I have legs, and I fell in love with a human. I don't think anyone saw that coming."

- So Hook regained the Jolly Roger, then lost it again. Where could it be?

- Raise your hand if you thought Soul Patch was going to turn out to be Prince Eric. [raises hand]

- Fun facts about New England: There is an actual Hangman Island in Boston Harbor, and the legal driving age in Maine is 15 and a half. The more you know!

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