Once Upon a Time recap: The Green Zone

A fairyback shows what makes Zelena tick -- and how she got that verdant glow
Ep. 16 | Aired Apr 6, 2014

Jack Rowand/ABC


- As the Sisters Ena-Ina are locking horns, Hook is playing babysitter to Henry. (He offers to talk to the kid after Neal's funeral. Emma's response: "About what, leather conditioner and eyeliner?") With every week, it's becoming more and more clear that Jared Gilmore is very much not a lost boy; is it just me, or has the kid's voice gone down by three octaves since season 3 began?

- This new, deep-voiced Henry is surprisingly uncurious when Hook lets slip that he knew Neal when Neal was a kid... even though Hook and Neal appear to be the same age.

- In the world of Once, the Emerald City appears to be fashioned out of Legos.

- And throughout the episode, Regina is wearing a furry collar that appears to be made out of Sully from Monsters Inc.

- Tinker Bell reemerges for just long enough to soulmate shame Regina for not jumping Robin Hood's bones already. Remind me never to make friends with a fairy.

- "This isn't the Wild West." "No, dear -- it's the Wicked West." What I wish had happened next: "But we're currently standing in the continental U.S.'s easternmost state!" "Shut up, Archie!"

- Poor Doc and his Miata will never know a moment's peace.

- Is being a dwarf in fact worse than being a Munchkin? Discuss!

- So Zelena currently has Charming's courage and Rumpel's brain, and is trying her best to get her hands on Regina's heart. How might those magical ingredients help her cast a time-travel spell? And if she manages, should we expect to see an episode called Once Upon a Time: Days of Future Past?

- If you watch Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, you know that Michael Socha's Knave of Hearts was one of the best (and only) reasons to keep tuning in. Word broke this week that Socha will soon join OUAT: Original Flavor as a series regular. We probably won't see him out and about in Storybrooke until next year -- but either way, how do you think he might shake up Once's dynamics? (He and Hook will either despise each other or be instant best buddies.)

- Next week: More Hook backstory, and the return of Ariel. Maybe she and a chorus of sea creatures can convince Hook to move things along with Emma through a chorus of "Kiss the Girl."

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