Once Upon a Time recap: Fear Itself

Zelena wreaks more havoc -- and there's a new princess in town (howdy, Rapunzel!)
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

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Oddly enough, the hilt disappears into a swirl of green magic as Hood dissipates -- which is when Regina informs us that the witch now has hold of Charming's courage. (Okay, mystery solved; she's got to be the brains of this operation, right?) Another odd thing: When the gang heads back to the farmhouse, they discover that the door to its root cellar has been unlocked -- even though it was closed securely when Emma and Hook left. They head down the stairs, finding nothing but an empty cage. Well, mostly empty: It contains a spinning wheel, some straw, and more than a little gold. Looks like Rumpel is officially on the loose again. Hey la, hey la, Belle's crazy boyfriend is back!


- Before he escapes (or is released from) the cage, we see Zelena taunting Rumpel in a short but sweet scene. Looks like she's controlling him via the Dark One's dagger -- and like the imp isn't actually her father after all. (Here's what we do know about Zelena's dad: He was a drunk, but a cleanly-shaved one. So Homer Simpson is out.)

- Charming's nightmare contains one of the dreamiest dresses Once has ever seen, and Jennifer Morrison looks absolutely stunning in it. I mean, the leather jacket is nice and all -- but wouldn't you like to see Emma get to be a pretty pretty princess more often?

- As Hook points out (with just a hint of smug), one of the flying monkeys may well be Nealfire. Next week's preview seems to imply that he's still his scruffy human self, though.

- Topographical update: While the rest of the crew is on its witch hunt, Regina buys Henry ice cream and takes him for a walk around a lake I didn't know Storybrooke had. Also, there are some real impressive mountains visible from Zelena's farmhouse. Vancouver! How do you be so pretty?

- Nine-months-ago Regina gave Robin some gold-tipped arrows as a thank-you for helping her break into the castle. When a lady gives you deadly weaponry, that's how you know she's into you.

- Between the accent, the schoolmarm garb, and the cheeriness, who else got a serious Mary Poppins vibe from Zelena tonight?

- The other thing I thought of when we learned who the hooded demons were: Shawn unmasking the "killer" in this episode of Boy Meets World.

- Next week, we'll apparently learn how Zelena resurrected Rumpel, and there will be witch puns aplenty. Sounds like a good time!

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