Once Upon a Time recap: Fear Itself

Zelena wreaks more havoc -- and there's a new princess in town (howdy, Rapunzel!)
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

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Charming catches onto this surprisingly quickly. He encourages Rapunzel to face her literalized demons -- the worry that she isn't good enough to lead her kingdom -- and just like that, the princess finds a hitherto unknown inner strength. Before you can say "Let It Go," she finally lets her hair down, as it were -- chopping off the weave-braid and sending Hood back into the ether.

As a result of his little adventure, Recent Past David is fully ready to become a father for a second time. Present Day David, however, is in freakout mode once again -- though even this can't explain Exhibit D. Shortly after he, Hook, Emma, and Regina discuss how they need to find the Wicked Witch -- who, as Regina reminds everyone, will look like just another normal person in Storybrooke -- Charming begs off to go meet the new midwife Snow has been raving about. And even though he's never seen said midwife around town before -- and even though her overwrought kindness is just the teensiest bit suspicious -- and even though she's got a name that could only belong to a wicked witch who can't be called Elphaba due to copyright issues -- Charming never thinks to pull Snow aside and say, "Listen, there is a 100 percent chance that your new pal is the freakin' Wicked Witch of the freakin' West." Honestly. Honestly.

In Charming's defense, naive Snow also never thinks to question Zelena's motives or identity. Neither does Belle, who's running the pawn shop in Rumpel's absence and finds herself on the business end of Zelena's magic when the witch heads there to retrieve, you guessed it, some nightroot. Zelena slips the demon-maker into Charming's tea, then watches with a gleeful glint as Charming heads off to meet up with Hook and Emma, who have tracked the Witch to a farmhouse on the edge of town. (Ten bucks say her sister's remains are buried beneath its foundation.)

While the savior and the pirate are enjoying a bit of regulation sexual tension, David finds himself stuck in the woods with another hooded figure who -- yep -- turns out to be his fears manifested. And even though the whole thing is more than a little Dementor-esque, this Hood, like Rapunzel's, is genuinely creepy. David nobly fights his Hood, even when the spirit slices off his sword's blade. And just as he's about to get reinforcements in the form of Emma, Hook, and Regina, the prince finally manages to dust the demon for good by sticking what's left of his weapon into its chest.

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