Once Upon a Time recap: Fear Itself

Zelena wreaks more havoc -- and there's a new princess in town (howdy, Rapunzel!)
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 23, 2014

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Exhibit B of Charming's dimness: Thanks to Robin, Charming learns that the root grows in a part of the forest known to be haunted. He then decides it'd be a great idea visit this haunted wood at night. At first, this doesn't seem to be such a bad decision after all; David locates the plant relatively easily. He's all set to head back to his castle... when he hears the unmistakable cry of a damsel in distress.

You just know David's gonna be on that like white on rice -- and he doesn't disappoint, barely getting phased when he finds out that the lady he's trying to rescue happens to be inside of an enormous tower with no discernible entrance. So he climbs up the convenient vines encircling the tower's base, then makes it up the rest of the way via a rope woven out of what appear to be Snow White's old wigs. You know where this is headed: At the top of the tower stands Rapunzel, played here by guest star Alexandra Metz. I have to say that the lady's actual hair is much more awesome than her Once rug.

The "real" Rapunzel wasn't a princess, but this one is. She explains to Charming that she doesn't know how many years she's been locked within the tower -- good thing her gorgeous dress is still perfectly pristine -- then explains that she first came to the wood in search of braverly-inducing nightroot. Unfortunately, after she ingested the root, a hooded witch appeared and imprisoned her. It's not long before said witch appears again and starts climbing up to the tower's window, ready to unleash some fresh hell.

Everyone in America is yelling at Charming to just cut off Rapunzel's hair so the witch falls to her doom. For whatever reason, he doesn't listen -- that's Exhibit C -- instead trying to attack Hood with his sword once she makes her way inside. Could it be that the witch from Rapunzel's story is none other than Zelena? Things certainly seem to be heading that way -- until Hood pulls down her cloak and reveals that she's actually a demon wearing Rapunzel's face. Twist! See, eating nightroot creates a creepy doppelganger who represents all of your worst fears. The only way to get rid of it is to face what truly scares you, which reminds me of my favorite episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

NEXT: Who's ready for Exhibit D?

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