Once Upon a Time recap: Monkey Business

Potions and witches and questionable decisions, oh my -- Once is back!
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 9, 2013

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- Christopher Gorham's character is named Walsh. The actor who played the lead Flying Monkey in The Wizard of Oz was named Pat Walshe. The more you know!

- Partway through the episode, we spy Henry playing something called Diablo -- a role-playing game that pits its hero against the Lord of Terror. It's perhaps worth noting that the first game in the Diablo series ends with the hero martyring himself, attempting to contain the villain within his own body... while the second game in the series begins with the hero having been corrupted by the spirit he tried so valiantly to vanquish. Foreshadowing?

- When Hook surprises Emma in a restaurant, she doesn't shout at him and make a scene... but she does pick up her butter knife real threatening-like.

- We see Robin Hood and Little John -- but where's their fellow Merry Person Mulan?

- Thought Rumpelstiltskin was really dead? Given what Jennifer Morrison told me when we chatted last week, you might want to temper that expectation. (Also: Seriously, someone thought he was really dead?)

- 89 Wooster Street, where Nealfire's apartment is supposedly located, actually looks like this.

- Hook calls his New York cell the most barbaric prison he can imagine: "They force-fed me something called baloney." (Note: I'm aware that the real stuff is called "bologna," but I've got a feeling the police weren't exactly giving Hook top-sourced mortadella imported from Italy.)

- Regina doesn't know who's blocking her castle, but she will: "I'm going to find out who's eating my porridge." Props to Lana Parrilla for making that sentence sound threatening.

- Why doesn't Henry get his memory back? Because Hook only had enough potion for one person, naturally. And because if someone isn't spending several episodes trying to convince another person that magic is real, it's not really Once Upon a Time.

- Who fought off the Flying Gorham? Why, it was Emma, on the roof, with the lead pipe!

- We haven't heard anyone say it on the show yet, but in case you were wondering, Once's version of the Wicked Witch is named Zelena. Not Elphaba.

- Next week: It's a Jane Espenson episode. Hurray!

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