Once Upon a Time recap: Monkey Business

Potions and witches and questionable decisions, oh my -- Once is back!
Ep. 12 | Aired Mar 9, 2013

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Oh-ee-oh, yo ho! Regina is nearly carried off by the beast before she and Snow are rescued by a dashing figure in tight tights: Robin Hood, whom you may remember as Regina's secret second soulmate. Much like many good romances, it's quasi-dislike at first sight -- for Regina, anyway. Robin "smells like forest," she sniffs, and his right-hand Merry Man Little John fails to give her the deference she thinks she deserves: "Show some respect," Regina sneers at him, "or at least some restraint at the buffet."

All quips are forgotten, however, when the ever-expanding group arrives at the fringes of Castle CGI... and they realize that their progress is being blocked by a protection spell. Why do I suspect that if our heroes examined that invisible dome a little more closely, they'd see that it's covered in green fingerprints?

Flash forward one year, where Emma and Henry are enjoying the type of lifestyle usually found only in '90s sitcoms. They've got a palatial apartment filled with all sorts of cups; Henry has friends with cool names like Avery; Emma is even dating a furniture shop owner played by Christopher Gorham. And that furniture shop owner -- named Walsh, which will be important later -- wants to marry her.

Naturally, hearing his proposal sends commitment-phobe Emma into a tailspin. They've only known each other eight months! She has Henry's needs to consider! Walsh is secretly a flying monkey! But even though she's freaking out, her beau stays superhumanly (heh) calm and collected, ensuring her they don't have to tie the knot right away. After all, if they want to hold the ceremony at the Central Park Zoo, they'll need to book at least a year in advance.

Memory-wiped Henry, for one, is in favor of an Emma/simian match. He tries to convince his mom to just say yes, and his words go a long way toward changing Emma's mind. But there's one other wrinkle that Emma's been keeping from her son: The dashing rapscallion who keeps following her around town, insisting that her memories aren't real. Pretty sure I pass that guy on my way to the train every morning.

At first, Emma deals with her swashbuckling stalker the way any self-respecting woman would: She gets him arrested for assault and criminal harassment. And yet something about his words -- and the fact that he points her toward Neal's apartment, which contains a camera filled with photos of Emma and Henry in some town in Maine she's never heard of -- make Emma skeptical of her own skepticism. So eventually, she springs the mysterious stranger from a local precinct -- or the "brig," in his words -- and agrees to take a swig of the mysterious potion he offers her.

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