Once Upon a Time season finale recap: Little Boy Lost

Season 2 ends with a dramatic kidnapping -- as well as a trip to a certain beloved magical realm
Ep. 22 | Aired May 12, 2013

THE BUCCANEER STOPS HERE "Listen, kid -- I've told you a thousand times to stay out of my makeup drawer!"

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- Hey, have you seen my thorough season 2 postmortem interview with Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz? A highlight: They totally didn't realize how similar their version of Neverland is to a certain other island.

- And tonight’s Clumsy Exposition Award goes to… Mr. Smee, who’s saddled with this humdinger of a line in the episode’s first few moments: "Don’t worry, Captain, you’ll avenge her. No matter what it takes, I know you’ll find a way to kill Rumpelstiltskin."

- Honorable Mention goes to Regina, helpfully narrating the obvious: "The last bean! They’ve opened a portal!"

- Speaking of this "last bean" nonsense – are we actually supposed to believe that Growen and Tamara destroyed all but two of these invaluable magical objects? Or is there a cache of beans lying hidden somewhere?

- A nice nod at continuity: Grumpy tells Rumpel that he wants to help Belle recover her memory, since Belle "once helped remind me who I was." (Which reminds me: Nova, girl, where you been? Besides on Person of Interest, I mean.)

- Aww -- in her greatest moment of crisis, Emma finally calls Snow and Charming "Mom" and "Dad." Sniff!

- We won’t get a full look at Hook’s backstory until next season -- but the pirate tells Bae that he, too, was abandoned by his father as a boy. Think he was telling the truth?

- Gotta say, the way that Pan treats those who lie to him -- "He rips your shadow right from your body," says Rufio; "Riiiiiip" -- doesn't really sound that terrifying. But does this mean the shadow that came to the Darling house is actually someone else's, rather than that of Peter himself? Does he have an army of disembodied shadows to do his bidding? Now that's creepy.

- Huh: After regaining her memories, Belle didn’t seem to care about all those savage beatings her boyfriend delivered while trying to impress "Lacey." Will this come back into play next year, or will that whole interlude just be dropped?

- 2nd Amendment rights are alive and well in Storybrooke! When Granny goes with Henry to the playground, she totes some serious firepower.

- Some news that may explain Red's absence: Meghan Ory's pilot, Intelligencegot picked up by CBS. This means we should expect even less of her next season. Jamie Chung (Mulan) and Sarah Bolger (Aurora) are also starring on new series that just got picked up, which may complicate that Bae storyline.

- Are you familiar with Bill Willingham's Fables, the monthly comic that Once has long been accused of copying? Either way, it may interest you to know that Willingham originally intended Peter Pan to play his series's Big Bad. Iiiinteresting.

Have a magical summer, Oncers! I hope to see you back here come fall -- and with faith, hope, and a bit of fairy dust, that wish just might come true.

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