Once Upon a Time recap: There's a She-Wolf in the Freezer

Ever have one of those mornings where you just can't remember if you savagely murdered someone the previous night? Red Riding Hood feels you, man.
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

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Quinn tells Red that he knows she's a wolf as well -- one who can't control herself in her lupine state. But he can teach her a new way, as long as she doesn't mind following a perfect stranger to a secret underground lair. In the future, Red, maybe you should consider doing more than feebly asking, "Is this some kind of trick?" before you ditch Snow for a guy you barely know.

Thankfully, Quinn's intentions are pure. He takes Red into a gigantic hidden burrow that used to be "the grand hall of the castle, until it sank underground" -- wait, there's a story we need to hear -- and leads her to his pack's leader: a wild-looking lady named Anita. 101 Dalmatians reference! What, they thought Perdita would sound dumb? But Anita's more than just the wolf queen -- she's also Red's long-lost mother. I wonder how she is with a crossbow.

Storybrooke: The next morning, Granny discovers that Red has clawed right through her freezer cage. Guess the old lady's welding isn't quite as sharp as her shooting. The innkeeper grabs Charming, and the two track Red down. She's curled up in the woods, looking decidedly un-murderous -- but Billy's body, which is in pieces by the harbor, tells a different story. (Yes, initially I thought that the torso by the truck and the legs sticking out of the dumpster meant that two people had been murdered. Unexpectedly gruesome, Once!)

Red's living a nightmare, and, once more, Henry is trapped in his own. We get a glimpse inside of Henry's very bad dream, where he's stuck in a room that looks just like Sim house after it's been set on fire. His comfort levels are dropping, people! When Henry wakes up, his hand is burned -- indicating that this is no normal nightmare.

Rumpelstiltskin confirms as much, telling Henry and Regina that victims of the Sleeping Curse are sent to a "netherworld" -- cue Beetlejuice theme song -- until they are awoken. Even after the curse is broken, its victims can be brought back to that horrible place when they sleep. Rump can't keep Henry from crossing over, but he can help the boy control what happens when he slumbers. He gives Emma's son a pendant filled with potion; while Henry wears it, he won't have to fear the Netherworld anymore. What's more, Rump doesn't demand a single hair in return. There's got to be a catch down the line.

Speaking of commanding the unknown: Kitsis and Horowitz must be Janet Jackson fans, because Red's storyline is also about learning control. Anita tells her that the moment a Child accepts the wolf as part of him or herself, that Child will retain control even when the moon is full. Though she's hesitant, Red trusts her mother and hands over her cloak. That night, she transforms once more... but this time, she doesn't black out, retaining hold of her senses even as the wolf. Next stop: Taking a trip to Forks, Wash. and convincing a certain shapeshifter that falling in love with a baby is totally creepy.

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