Once Upon a Time recap: Locker, Stalk, and Two Smoking Hotties

In the present, Emma and Hook face a giant; in the past, Emma gets close to a fellow thief
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

MEN ALWAYS MAKE PASSES ...at Emmas in glasses. And really, can you blame them? Look how cute!

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- So what's up with that red room nightmare, anyway? I can't be the only one who immediately thought "Jane Eyre!" when Aurora first mentioned it. Maybe the ghost of Mr. Reed is the season's real Big Bad! Update: A clever commenter points out that since Aurora saw a male figure in the room and Henry saw a female one, the two may have spotted each other in their twin nightmares. I'd certainly be creeped out if I dreamed about Henry.

- Mulan finally asked the question we've been wondering since last week -- how do the Femme Four know that Hook won't simply deliver the compass to Cora once he's got his hand on it? His answer: Hook's just looking for a way to get to Rumpelstiltskin, and he'll pledge his loyalty to whomever gets him there first. Nice grammar, Captain.

- The most romantic pickup line ever: "I may be a pervert, but you're definitely a car thief."

- Also, guys, take note: Some casual sexism is all you need to avoid arrest, at least in Portland. Someone should tell Fred Armisen.

- Pay close attention to Neal's apartment as seen in this season's premiere, and you'll notice that he's still got the dreamcatcher he and Emma stole from that motel room.

- So many Lost references in tonight's episode! My favorite: Neal stealthily stealing a couple of Apollo Bars from a gas station.

- If you asked "why is the rum gone?" when Hook poured that flask onto Emma's hand, congratulations -- you are officially a pirate.

- Though part of me is disappointed that all the treasure in the giant's stash didn't turn to lava as soon as Hook touched something he wasn't supposed to, another part of me is relieved, because the CG tonight was baaaad.

- I've got a feeling that August funded a trip to Thailand with the money he was supposed to give to Emma. Pinocchio, your nose was definitely growing during that last scene with Neal.

- Giant Hurley wears a destroyed bean around his neck so that he'll always remember the Giant/Human War. He says that it can't open a portal -- but if Cora can use the ashes of a magical wardrobe to open one, why can't our heroes use the remnants of a destroyed bean?

Before next week's episode -- a Red Riding Hood-centric one, hooray! -- let's discuss this week's: Did you, for a moment, believe that Jennifer Morrison was actually 17 years old in those flashbacks? What do you think was in August's Magical Convincing Box? How long will it take Hook to get free, and what will he do to the Femme Four once he catches up with them? And finally, do you think Emma became a bounty hunter so that she could track down her lost love Neal?

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