Once Upon a Time recap: Locker, Stalk, and Two Smoking Hotties

In the present, Emma and Hook face a giant; in the past, Emma gets close to a fellow thief
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

MEN ALWAYS MAKE PASSES ...at Emmas in glasses. And really, can you blame them? Look how cute!

Jack Rowand/ABC

Once more, Emma and Hook are getting increasingly cozy -- only to have the mood ruined by a newly conscious Giant Hurley. He roars and barrels toward them, causing poorly animated treasure to fall to the ground. Hook is pinned under some rubble, and Emma gets snatched in the air and nearly crushed to death -- "I will name her George, and I will hug her and pet her and squeeze her" -- before she frees herself with a strategic bite. Emma then slashes a tripwire with Jack's mighty sword, trapping Giant Hurley in an appropriately giant cage. He's sure that she's going to murder him, since all humans are vicious killers -- but Emma, realizing that there truly are two sides to every story, lets the giant live after he tosses over the magic compass he had conveniently been holding this whole time. As a thank-you, Giant Hurley shows Emma a way out of the treasure room and frees Hook as well. Victory is theirs!

Well, not quite. In true Once fashion, there's a twist: Emma catches one of Hook's wrists in a shackle, saying that she "can't take a chance on being wrong about [him]." Translation: "Returning to the ground with you would just be too easy." Great idea, Emma; all you need is a few more enemies. She hustles down the beanstalk just in time to rescue Mulan, who's on the receiving end of a Snow White smackdown -- the princess didn't take kindly to the warrior sawing at the beanstalk once Emma's 10-hour mark had passed. A relieved Mama Snow tells her daughter what's what: "We go back together. Do you understand?" Chastened, Emma lets her mom give her a hug without even whining about how she's making her look lame in front of Mulan and Aurora. They  head off, conscious of the fact that Hook will be hunting them down once the giant frees him in 10 hours.

Flashback jailbird Emma has no such comfort. Though she's just received a set of keys to her old Bug via a mysterious package sent from Phuket -- so August camped out in Thailand for 10 years? -- she's also just discovered that she's going to have Neal's baby. True Life: I'm a Pregnant Incarcerated Teenager Who Also Happens to Be the Heir to a Magical Kingdom -- coming in the fall of 2000 to MTV.

Oh, and remember Aurora's spooky dream? Seems Henry's having the exact same nightmare in Storybrooke -- which makes sense, since he was also the victim of a Sleeping Curse. Only instead of dreaming about being trapped with a creepy male figure, he mentions a "she" who was staring at him through the flames. Curiouser and curiouser...

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