Once Upon a Time recap: Locker, Stalk, and Two Smoking Hotties

In the present, Emma and Hook face a giant; in the past, Emma gets close to a fellow thief
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

MEN ALWAYS MAKE PASSES ...at Emmas in glasses. And really, can you blame them? Look how cute!

Jack Rowand/ABC

After their kleptomaniac meet cute, Emma and Neal made like an '00s Bonnie and Clyde, crisscrossing the country and "earning" their livelihood with tactics like "The Loud (Fake) Pregnant Lady" and "The Sneaky Motel Room Occupation." Though Emma tells Captain Hook while climbing the beanstalk that she's never been in love, she's clearly lying to him and to herself. Our Swan looks awfully cozy with Non-Beat Neal in those flashbacks -- especially when her beau says that he wants to settle down with her in a new town. By closing her eyes and pointing to a map, Emma determines that she and her man will make their home in Tallahassee. Moving to Florida's capital in the year 2000? I hope Emma and Neal like politics.

After a banter-filled, strenuous climb, Emma and Hook finally reach the computer-generated kingdom at the top of the beanstalk. A one-handed man must pay a lot of attention to other people's extremities; the captain notices that Emma's hand is all torn up from the climb, and he treats it to the most flirtatious wound-dressing in history. Man, this guy could make filling out tax forms seem seductive. Still, Emma manages to ignore his charms for now and focus on the task at hand: attracting the giant's attention so that they can knock him out, then search for the compass. (But what will they use to guide them??) Their plan, which employs a bag of poppy powder -- possibly sourced from Oz? -- goes off without a hitch. Before he can let loose a single "dude," Giant Hurley -- Garcia, in case you didn't recognize him in those wacky robes -- is down for the count.

Back on the ground, Mulan fashions a makeshift clock and advises her cohort to get some rest. Snow volunteers to take the first watch, and Aurora says she'll stay awake as well -- ever since Phillip broke Maleficent's sleeping curse, she's stayed away from slumberland. The one time the princess did sleep, she had a horrible nightmare. Snow sympathizes; she, too, knows what it's like to endure a sleeping curse. She offers to watch over Aurora while she sleeps, and the other princess graciously accepts. Sure enough, Aurora wakes up not long later, panting and gasping about her nightmare. Sleeping Beauty dreamed of being in a red room with no windows or doors, surrounded by crimson curtains that were on fire. While hunching in a corner, she realized that someone else was lurking in the shadows. Snow soothes her friend and says she'll stay with Aurora until she falls asleep again: "Who else do I have to take care of?" Aww, Snow is totally the Wendy Darling of this group -- she's everyone's mom.

In New Flashbackton, Neal breaks some bad news to Emma: He can't go to Tallahassee because he's wanted for stealing some watches that he's stashed at a train station in Phoenix. The only solution now is for him to flee to Canada, alone. But bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, clearly-not-a-teenager Emma dismisses her boyf's fears; she'll simply head to the train station, procure the watches, then give them to Neal so he can use them to fund a trip for two. They are so the new Bobby and Whitney.

NEXT: "How are we gonna find a compass?" "By looking." Point: Hook.

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