Once Upon a Time recap: Franks For the Memories

A Halloween-themed episode reveals Dr. Whale's true identity -- and no, he isn't Monstro from Pinocchio
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 28, 2012

THE DREAM TEAM Will Fairy Land's luscious ladies be able to resist Hook's rakish charms? Find out next time on Once Upon a 90210.

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- In case you hadn't already heard, here's the Whale-Frankenstein connection: 1931's Frankenstein and 1935's The Bride of Frankenstein were both directed by James Whale.

- Yep, "I/we was/were cursed!" is totally the new "We were on a break!"

- Though my roommate doesn't watch Once Upon a Time, circumstances -- coughSANDYcough -- led to her catching tonight's episode with me. This was her reaction to Regina and Rumpelstiltskin's first scene together: "How will Mariska Hargitay and Zombie Richard Simmons tame that unicorn??"

- Way for Charming to tell Henry that he has to muck out a stable and brush his horse, then leave before showing his grandson how to do either of those things. "Charming" was a sarcastic nickname, right?

- Jefferson clearly just came from Oz. He managed to nab the Wicked Witch of the West's crystal ball, but he couldn't secure Dorothy's ruby/silver slippers -- which might have been able to get Rumpelstiltskin to our world.

- Think Frankenstein was in Oz with Jefferson? Could the doctor be the Wizard of Oz as well, just like Rumpelstiltskin is also Belle's beast and the genie was also the magic mirror?

- Speaking of world-jumping: Rumpelstiltskin thinks that the magic hat can only take him to other magical worlds. But Jefferson has used the hat to link Fairy Land and Storybrooke before. Did the hatter just lie to Rump? Or did our world stop counting as one "without magic" when Regina came to town?

- Notice how Rump's magic rules -- he can't bring people back from the dead -- seem to be similar to the Genie's magic rules.

- From the way those horses were carrying on when Zombie Daniel entered the stables, you'd think someone had just said Frau Blucher.

- Emma and Hook are off to seek a magic compass, just like Jack Sparrow's -- but don't get too excited. Kitsis and Horowitz have said that Captain Jack will only appear on the show if Johnny Depp is available.

- Lots of limb humor tonight! Hook, saying that Emma has bested him: "I can count the amount of people who have done that on one hand." Rumpelstiltskin, considering Frankenstein's detached appendage: "When they say I charge an arm and a leg, that’s meant as a figure of speech."

- Daniel tells Regina that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again. Who knew he was a closet Robyn fan?

- Who else lives in Frankenstein's black and white Gothic Horror World? My guesses: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Captain Nemo, Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes (if they can get Benedict Cumberbatch -- see that Jack Sparrow link), Dracula, Dorian Gray, the Phantom of the Opera, and members of the House of Usher.

Up next: We meet a giant played by Jorge Garcia, find out who Henry's father is, celebrate Pinocchio's return, and learn the identity of Michael Raymond-James' mysterious man. (His character's name has been leaked, if you'd like to spoil yourself.) In the meantime, I'll leave you with this Halloween-y video, which also happens to be my favorite thing in the world:

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