Once Upon a Time recap: Franks For the Memories

A Halloween-themed episode reveals Dr. Whale's true identity -- and no, he isn't Monstro from Pinocchio
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 28, 2012

THE DREAM TEAM Will Fairy Land's luscious ladies be able to resist Hook's rakish charms? Find out next time on Once Upon a 90210.

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Regina surmises that Monster Daniel's "final thoughts" will probably lead him somewhere that resembles the last place he saw her -- the town's stables. (Before tonight's episode, did we know that Storybrooke even had stables?) She tells Sheriff Charming, who gasps; he just dropped Henry off at the stables so that the kid could begin Knight School. Luckily, they arrive in time to save Henry. Charming urges Regina to stop her undead lover by using magic, but she's sure that she can calm him down just by speaking with him.

And, at first, Regina's plan works -- after she whispers "I love you" to Daniel, he stops trying to strangle her and recognizes who she is. But soon enough, he's writhing and moaning, asking Regina to stop his pain -- and before Daniel can try to kill her a second time, Regina tearfully immobilizes him and magics him into dust. Aww, I was hoping he'd get to run away to the North Pole.

Regina's fairyback has a similarly sad end. Doc's lightning-augmented attempt to reanimate Daniel is a failure, or so he says. This is enough to destroy Regina's last shred of humanity. She immediately ditches the braid and heads back to that unicorn clearing, where Rumpelstiltskin is now apparently teaching The Hunchback of Notre Dame's Esmeralda how to be a true heartbreaker. With a flick of her wrist, Regina yanks out the gypsy's heart and crushes it into dust; Rump is thrilled to see his favorite pupil return.

As it turns out, the imp actually hired the Doc to break Regina. He asked the necromancer to pretend to try bringing Daniel back to life, all so that Regina would finally let go of her past -- and embrace her dark future. Rump will finally get a chance to make Regina into a monster. In return, Doc gets an enchanted heart, which he plans to use to reanimate his brother. Moby lives! The doctor claims that he's going to use a force more powerful than magic to achieve his goals, and goes so far as to say that his abilities are more powerful than Rumpelstiltskin's own.

He'll eat those words in Storybrooke, where his disarming injury leads the doctor to seek help with Rumpelstiltskin. Rump agrees to reattach the limb on one condition -- that the doctor admit he needs magic. After the arm's back in its socket, the imp finally reveals Whale's true name: "Always a pleasure doing business with you, Victor."

And then we get a peek at Victor Frankenstein's true home, a black-and-white steampunk land that's straight out of an old horror movie. (Happy 100th anniversary, Universal Pictures!) Frankenstein shows his newly acquired, magical glowing heart to his assistant -- Eye-gor? -- and sticks it into his creation -- a stitched-together monstrosity that's beginning to twitch with signs of life. Is it magic? No, says Vic -- it's science. BRAAAAAAAAAHM!

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note -- remember Hook and his band of merry maidens? They're off to fetch a magical compass, which can only be retrieved by climbing a giant beanstalk. It's going to be dicey, though, because there are giants in the sky.

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