Once Upon a Time recap: Franks For the Memories

A Halloween-themed episode reveals Dr. Whale's true identity -- and no, he isn't Monstro from Pinocchio
Ep. 05 | Aired Oct 28, 2012

THE DREAM TEAM Will Fairy Land's luscious ladies be able to resist Hook's rakish charms? Find out next time on Once Upon a 90210.

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Regina tells Whale that he's out of luck -- she doesn't have the ability to jump from world to world. Whale doesn't believe her, and he leaves the therapist's office fuming. Careful, Regina -- you may not like this doctor when he's angry.

Fairyback Regina is also facing challenges, albeit of a different nature. Rumpelstiltskin is acting as her personal Dark Arts tutor, teaching her how to use black magic to remove a creature's heart. But the newlywed queen still retains some of her innocence, as symbolized by her long single braid -- and she isn't interested in harming other living things just so that she can gain power. Specifically: "I didn't sign up to kill unicorns," she tells Rump. This doesn't sit well with the imp; he's not interested in an apprentice who's only going to be the Diet Coke of evil.

When Regina shows up at Rump's castle a few days later, he blows her off and tells her to stop wasting his time. He also reminds her that raising the dead is beyond his abilities. But as Regina soon learns, there's someone who might be able to help her out -- someone her new pal Jefferson would love to introduce her to. Ah, so this is where Regina and the Mad Hatter met -- in Rumpelstiltskin's palace of doom, before Jeff quit the world-hopping business.

He leads her through the Halls of Computer Generated Imagery and past a grove of incredibly fake looking trees, where waits another man: The Doctor, a.k.a. Dr. Whale's still unnamed alter ego. In this universe, he wears a fully buttoned smock-jacket and his hair parted neatly down the middle. Doc tells Regina that he can bring her lost love back to life, as long as she can fetch him an enchanted heart. Little does he know that she's the heir to Fairy Land's Hearts-R-Us. When Regina leads Doc and Jefferson to Cora's secret heart vault -- "my mother was a collector," she explains -- the freaky physician finds that he's got his pick of plasticky, glowing organs.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina is startled when she spots a familiar figure lurking on a street corner. It looks an awful lot like dearly departed Daniel -- but that would be impossible, since Daniel's magically preserved corpse is lying peacefully in Regina's mausoleum. Except, wait -- the body's gone. Looks like Regina and Rump aren't the only Storybrookites who have retained their old powers; Dr. Whale has used his own brand of voodoo to reanimate Daniel in the Cuckoo's Nest asylum below the hospital. He's lost an arm for his trouble -- and now his creation is on the loose, just moments away from tossing some poor little girl into a lake. Good thing Gretel has apparently disappeared!

NEXT: But she's not the only vulnerable kid in town...

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