Once Upon a Time recap: Dark Shadows

'Peter Pan' gets a sinister rewrite as we barrel toward next week's finale
Ep. 21 | Aired May 5, 2013

GIRL ON WIRES Somehow, the Shadow is even creepier as a disembodied blue arm-stick.

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- Did you know that Peter Llewelyn Davies met Alice Liddell -- a.k.a. the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland -- when he was in his 30s and she was 80? Their encounter inspired a pretty awesome-sounding play that's currently running in London.

- Young Bae's noticeably deepened voice: More or less jarring than Bran Stark's noticeably deepened voice?

- As his son is disappearing and possibly dying, Rumpelstiltskin's having a grand old time forcing Frankenstein to kiss his shoe and conjuring plastic jewelry out of thin air for his trashy girlfriend. Maybe losing Bae for a second time will knock some sense into him.

- Rumpel's also letting Lacey encourage him to kill his own grandson. Is Lacey by chance a Once Upon a Time viewer?

- Oh hey, Rumpel just happens to have a vial filled with one of Regina's tears! How did he get it? (Maybe he told her that tiny hats are stupid?)

- It's a hard-knock life for Bae --  he gets to live with the Darlings, but he has to sleep on the floor.

- Anyone else think it's funny that Snow wants to find and save Regina -- but only because she thinks doing so might help repair her own blackening heart? I feel like heroic acts done in the name of selfishness shouldn't count.

- Should we believe that Growen's father is really dead? I wouldn't put it past Regina to direct the guy to dig up some other skeleton.

- We don't know much about the organization/group/cabal/Initiative Growen and Tamara apparently work for. But given the way Tamara characterizes magic -- "Magic does not belong in this world. It's unholy. We're here to cleanse this land of it" -- it seems like it might have a religious element. Maybe the whole thing is run by Judge Frollo?

- Also, a little nitpick, but: How did Tamara know precisely when to get to the beach, ensuring that she'd run into Bae and Emma?

- There are mermaids in Neverland! If Ariel appears next week, I may die of happiness.

- Remember that anti-magic cuff Regina was tricked into putting on, the indestructible one made of "the toughest metals and machinery known to man"? Well, the Blue Fairy apparently removed it. So much for science!

Will Storybrooke live to see season 3? What about Bae? What could Growen and Tamara's "home office" be? And where the heck is Peter Pan? Discuss below -- and don't forget to speculate about who, exactly, will end up in Neverland before the finale's through.

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