Once Upon a Time recap: Dark Shadows

'Peter Pan' gets a sinister rewrite as we barrel toward next week's finale
Ep. 21 | Aired May 5, 2013

GIRL ON WIRES Somehow, the Shadow is even creepier as a disembodied blue arm-stick.

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Charming and Snow are slightly more successful. Using Rumpel's patented Two-Tear Potion, they're able to determine that Regina is tied up somewhere that smells like sardines. Is she stuck in Storybrooke Grocery's cat food aisle? Could she be trapped unda the sea? Nope -- Emma realizes this means the queen must be in the cannery, mostly because she happens to be walking by the cannery when Charming and Snow are telling her what they've found.

So the sheriff, her parents, and her baby daddy all head to the site of Regina's captivity, where the sh-- officially hits the fan. Growen sees that the Fantastic Four are closing in on him and starts torturing Regina even harder, finally getting her to admit that she killed his father way back in 1983. His response is to shock her shock her shock her, until the queen is on the brink of death -- which is when Charming and Snow burst in, just in the nick of time. Rather than capturing Growen and then taking Regina to get some magical healing, they let her torturer run free. Something tells me they're going to regret that choice come next Sunday.

The Charmings relay what's happened to Emma, who's simultaneously relieved and disappointed to learn that Growen was actually the bad guy all along. And then her Spidey Senses are proven right when Tamara shows up and smacks Emma on the head with a blunt object. Even though he also hates magic, Bae is horrified to learn that his fiancee is a zealot with a fierce anti-magic agenda -- oh, and that she's been playing him this whole time. Tamara, cold as ice, shoots him in the chest and then moves in to finish the job...

... which is when Emma awakens and kicks the gun out of her rival's hands. Hooray, the good guys are going to win after all! Except, wait: Tamara has one more trick up her evil sleeve of lies. She pulls out a magic bean, tosses it on the ground, and scampers away as the resulting vortex begins to suck in both Emma and a gravely wounded Bae. Emma can't draw him out of the undertow -- and Bae tells her to stop trying, since Henry doesn't deserve to lose both of his biological parents in one day. They barely have time to tearfully admit that they still love each other before Bae has once again disappeared through a hole to another world. Anyone else feel like they've got a bit of fairy dust in their eyes?

Perhaps the worst thing about all of this? Emma and co. barely have time to grieve for their possibly fallen comrade... because as a healing Regina has just informed them, Growen and Tamara hold the key to destroying Storybrooke for good. And in order to achieve "the next phase" of their big evil plan, that's exactly what the baddies intend to do. Man your battle stations, everyone: Another storm's a'brewing. And this time, our heroes will need more than true love's kiss to stop it.

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