Once Upon a Time recap: Something Wicked This Way Comes

The Evil Queen learns to embrace her dark side in the past -- and finds her power in jeopardy in the present
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 28, 2013

TREE URCHIN You know what? Regina's sort of making the whole "gnarly haired peasant" thing work.

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Regina sneers that she can't believe Growen would go to all this trouble just to find his father. Growen counters that he's got a new mission now -- and by golly, he must be the only person in town who's seen a movie before, because he refuses to immediately spill what the rest of his plan is. And then, for good measure, Growen has Tamara put a bag over Regina's head. They can capture her, they can torture her, they can steal her magic -- but to mess up her hair? These two must truly be monsters.


- Probably a dumb question, but: Regina used magic to get down to the caverns. Why didn't she need to use magic to get out of them again?

- Hook, before he learns that Rumpel is still alive: "I'm sated, complete. My life's purpose met." I bet he says that to all the ladies.

-  Tonight's episode takes place immediately after last week's; when Hook spots Rumpel walking with his ladylove, "Lacey" is still wearing her blue sequined dress.

- So this is why King George needed to form an alliance with King Midas: In exchange for casting the shape-shifting spell on her, Rumpelstiltskin persuaded Regina to cut off trade with George's realm. Never forget who's really pulling the strings here.

- Another timeline note: Belle has already come to live with Rumpel, though the two of them don't seem to be in love yet. Oh, and if George's realm isn't yet bankrupt, that means Charming is still plain ol' peasant David at this point. So wait -- exactly how long was Snow on the lam?

- Regina urgently tells Henry that he can never truly be hers unless everyone else they know disappears: "With everyone gone, you'll love me again" Uh, did I turn on Bates Motel by accident?

- Emma tries to convince Snow that something's fishy about Tamara by reminding her that she knows when people are lying. Snow gently reminds Emma that her "superpower" has been known to be... unreliable. That's putting it lightly, Mom.

- Emma also knows that proper stakeout protocol requires a bright yellow car.

- Other possible Tamara targets, based on the list of fairy tale beings she's been carrying around: Snow, Charming, Rumpelstiltskin, Jiminy Human, the Blue Fairy, and Geppetto.

- When Henry starts daydreaming about his biological parents getting back together, he sounds like Sebastian at the beginning of "Kiss the Girl": "Moonlight, wine..."

- Uh oh, all the magic beans at Snow and Charming's patch are gone! Is this Regina's doing, or have Tamara and Growen struck again?

- When Regina is having her creepy Norma Bates chat with Henry, we can see a place named "George's Taverna" standing in the background. So there is another restaurant in Storybrooke! Clearly, this is setting up a major storyline in season 3.

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