Once Upon a Time recap: That '80s Show

A rad flashback takes us back to Storybrooke's early days as Regina prepares to take her revenge
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 17, 2013

WELCOME BACK, SHERIFF SKINNYJEANS Who knew those clothes would be in style again in the 21st century?

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- Whatever happened to Kurt? My guess is that he's down in that secret Cuckoo's Nest asylum, perhaps in a room right next to Sidney Glass. Considering the Lucasfilm acquisition, he may also be encased in carbonite.

- During Kurt and Owen's last scene together, this video was all I could think about. OWEENNN! MY BOY! THEY WANT MY BOY!!

- The Storybrooke Daily Mirror's so hard up for stories that a couple adopting a dog is considered front-page news.

- I guess it makes sense that Regina immediately understands modern technology and currency and what have you, but it might have been funny to watch her struggle to work, like, indoor plumbing or something.

- Regina likes the sheriff's uniform: "So... well-fitted." Who wants to bet that she added a "Huntsman must dress all sexy-like" clause to the curse?

- Confused that Past Mr. Gold didn't know he had been cursed? That's because Rumpelstiltskin didn't regain his pre-curse consciousness until Emma told him her name, way back in the pilot.

- Speaking of Rumpel: He tells Henry that his adoptive mother is "a complicated woman," then explains that all Regina wants is Henry's love and vengeance. So... not that complicated, then.

- His take on Cora vs. Regina was striking, though; the elder witch was dangerous because she had no heart. The younger witch is even more dangerous because she still has a heart.

- Stranger Greg Mendel/Owen is a nature photography nerd. He must particularly enjoy shooting pea pods.

- Oh hey, it's dearly departed Mechanic Gus Gus! The only thing that guy is cursed with is excessive hotness.

- Lanyards: Providing symbolic resonance since never.

- Next week: Gregowen seems on the cusp of exposing Storybrooke, Bae's fiancee clearly isn't what she seems -- guesses as to her fairy tale identity? -- and we finally (finally!) find out what happened to poor Pinocchio, who, yes, is now a giant wooden puppet man. He must have excellent camouflage skills.

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