Once Upon a Time recap: Hold Me Closer, Tiny Giant

Emma, Rumpelstiltskin, and Henry skip town just in time to miss a certain Hurley-burly beast's rampage
Ep. 13 | Aired Feb 10, 2013

HEY, BIG SPENDER Speeeeeend a little time not trying to squish people.

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Answer: Giant Hurley's beef isn't actually with Charming -- it's with James, Charming's not-so-dearly departed twin brother. King George's actual adopted son was also charming... as well as arrogant, devious, completely untrustworthy, and possibly a more interesting character than his goody-two-boots brother.

Before he met his sticky end, James spent his days cavorting around with a beautiful, Jabberwock-slaying woman named Jacqueline, a.k.a. Jack -- played by Cassidy Freeman, whom you may recognize as Smallville's Tess or The Vampire Diaries's Sage -- and happily doing his evil father's bidding. Tonight's fairyback finds him and his ladylove befriending giant Anton, who has journeyed down the beanstalk because he wants to be part of their world. They begin by giving Anton a bit of magic mushroom -- no, not that kind of magic mushroom -- which makes him small enough to actually fit inside the local tavern.

There, Anton enjoys a pint and the view -- a.k.a. Jack's magnificent cleavage -- while being showered with compliments that are in no way suspiciously enthusiastic. It's not long before the giant learns that James's kingdom is deeply in dept. But wait: He's got a whole bunch of treasure at the top of the beanstalk, just gathering dust! Aww, Anton is the dorky rich kid everyone tolerates just because his dad has a pool.

In the hospital, Belle flips out at Red when the werewolf addresses her as "Belle." "Why does everyone keep calling me that?!" she screams as a nurse swoops in to sedate her. Dude. You already know you lost your memory. Have you maybe considered that people keep calling you Belle because it's your name?

Also flipping out: Rumpelstiltskin, who's incredibly nervous about going through airport security -- especially after a TSA agent tells him he can't wear his talisman shawl while walking through the metal detector. (Pro tip, Rump: When you drive places, you don't have to go through any metal detectors at all!) He's terrified that removing the shawl will mean losing his regained memories... but somehow, though he starts to get a little woozy when the shawl is off, the Dark One's identity remains intact even after he's on the other side of security. Was this Emma's magic at work, or did he just get the shawl back on in the nick of time??

And back at the ranch, Hook has told Regina that Anton is on the loose. She tracks the ex-giant down to the forest, where she tells him that the two of them are actually on the same side: "I hear you're in town because you want to kill someone. I can help." Ha! She hands over something that looks like an iced cookie but is, in fact, another Wonderland mushroom. Only this one makes you bigger... which means that Anton is once again large, in charge, and ready to get some vengeance on the man he believes to be Prince James.

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