Once Upon a Time recap: Oh, Brother

Dr. Frankenstein takes center stage in a filler-filled episode
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013


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- It can be no coincidence that Stranger Greg's full name evokes Gregor Mendel, the geneticist best known to 9th graders everywhere as "that monk with the peas." Could this be a clue to his importance as a character, or is it just Once's writers having Lost-style fun with historical monikers?

- More fun with names: Gerhardt evidently means "strong and brave spear-wearer." Father Frankenstein's first name is Alphonse, which means "noble and brave." Victor itself means "he who conquers." I'm sensing a pattern here.

- Even debilitating injuries can't stop Hook from flirting up a storm. His best line came after the pirate asked Emma to restore his signature curved appendage -- "Or is there another attachment you prefer?" Pretty saucy for a program rated TV-PG.

- Oh no, Belle's murdered poor Chip! At least now he won't have to sleep in the cupboard.

- Greg's ringtone is the theme from Star Wars. Synergy!

- So wait, is the true love's kiss cure-all as much of a myth as Emma's lie detecting powers?

- Rump tells Victor that his name is "Rumpel von Stiltskin." Is he just messing with the Germanic doc, or did he actually have a first and last name once? Does that mean Bae's last name is von Stiltskin? How badly did that poor kid get teased before his dad became the Dark One?

- Think Cora picked up anything else of note when she was snooping through Regina's house?

- Henry learns who Dr. Frankenstein really is, then brings up a good point: "If the curse went to places with other stories, then who knows what else is in this town?" T-minus three episodes until Captain Ahab, Hester Prynne, and Holden Caulfield show up.

- Baelfire seems to be in New York City. Neal Cassidy, father of Henry, also lives in New York City. Coincidence? Someone with a better sense of geography than me: Where the heck did the globe send Rump? I tried comparing a screen shot to a map, but damnit, I'm a recapper, not a cartographer.

In three weeks -- three weeks! -- Once will return with a new episode featuring the return of Giant Hurley (hooray!) and the delightful visual of Rumpelstiltskin going through airport security (double hooray!). Let's try to get through the hiatus by dissecting tonight's episode: What did you think of "In the Name of the Brother"?

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