Once Upon a Time recap: Oh, Brother

Dr. Frankenstein takes center stage in a filler-filled episode
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013


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After the events of "The Doctor," Gerhardt is aliiiiive! Well, sort of -- he's walking with jerky zombie movements, he's grunting intermittently rather than speaking in full sentences (did someone say "puddinontheriiiiiiiz"?), and he also seems to have developed an aversion to fire. Also, he just killed Disapproving Father Frankenstein. What's the matter with kids today, eh? Victor knows he should do away with the monster he's created, but he just can't bring himself to end Gerhardt's second life -- even when Gerhardt encourages him to do so. Instead, Victor promises to find a way to save his bro. Is this how the doctor ended up in Storybrooke?

Storybrooke's Frankenstein, who's apparently been in a bad place ever since Regina's Daniel pulled off his arm -- understandable -- has run away from the hospital, intending to do himself in. He goes to the harbor, tosses Greg's watch -- which reminds him of his brother's old one -- into the abyss, and readies himself to join the trinket. But before Victor himself can pull a full Javert, he's nabbed by Red, who has tracked him down using her super wolf powers. After the save, the pair have a monster-to-monster chat. The most important part of it comes when Meghan Ory manages to say the following with a straight face: "Look, you're Frankenstein. And I'm a werewolf. I... ate my boyfriend."

That's enough of a pep talk to get Victor back to the hospital, where he finally does that surgery poor Greg has been waiting for all night. Even though there's (presumably) no lightning involved, the operation goes well, and Emma's given the okay to go talk to the stranger and learn what he saw when he came to Storybrooke. The answer to that question seems to be "nothing": Greg tells the sheriff that he crashed simply because he was texting and driving (has Quinn Fabray taught us nothing?!), and magic doesn't ever figure into the conversation. Relieved, Emma lets him off with nothing more than a warning, even though he hit somebody with his car while breaking the law. Storybrooke's town motto should be "A Land Without Consequences."

Soon, Emma learns that she's got bigger things to worry about. Rump has used Cora's magical globe gizmo to determine that Baelfire is apparently located in New York City, or maybe New Jersey, or possibly Delaware (the first state!). [Update: Upon further examination, the map may have been pointing more toward the Maryland/Virginia area. Or possibly Pennsylvania, where Greg is from. Go ahead and thank me for helping to narrow this down.]

Either way, the Dark One wants to waste no time going to find his long-lost son... and he's using that favor Emma's owed him ever since the Cinderella episode to command Sheriff Swan to come with him. Oh, and if anyone harms Amnesiac Belle when they're gone, Rump's going to kill the entire Charming family. Say what you will about Rumpelstiltskin, but the man knows how to make an exit.

Erm, also -- Stranger Greg appears to know more than he let on. As the episode draws to a close, he calls the woman who's been trying to get in touch with him since he came to the hospital -- a person identified only as "Her" -- and tells her that she won't believe what he saw in Storybrooke. If Jennifer Love Hewitt is on the other end of that phone call, I am going to give my firstborn child to Jane Espenson.

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