Once Upon a Time recap: Oh, Brother

Dr. Frankenstein takes center stage in a filler-filled episode
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013


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Back in his Pawn Shop of Broken Dreams, Rump has nothing left to love but Chip the cup... and things start looking even more dire when Cora shows up uninvited. She says that she's brought a peace offering to him, as well as the terms of an agreement: If he'll let her get her daughter back, she'll help him find his son. The blank globe she's brought with her should assist Rump in that regard. And then we learn that Cora, like her daughter, was also once Rumpelstiltskin's pupil.... and the two of them seal their truce "like [they] used to," with a kiss on the lips. Poor Regina -- Cora definitely sold her to Rump once upon a time.

Speaking of tangled family trees: Back in Steampunk Land, Victor and his assistant Eye-gor are busily digging up a grave so that the doctor can prove his worth to the Rump of the past. (Even though he's already got all those gold coins! Now that's dedication to one's craft.) Before long, Perfect Brother Gerhardt shows up and discovers what his creepy sibling's up to... and then the better Frankenstein ends up with a bullet to the gut. Guess that's why they call it grave danger.

When Victor tries to reanimate his brother, he discovers that Gerhardt's hardt isn't up to the task. Luckily, there's another world filled with plastic hearts sturdy enough to withstand life-restoring lightning. To the portal!

Meanwhile: Regina, who's been hiding out below her father's tomb, is delighted when Henry treks all the way to her fortress of solitude. There's just one problem: Henry is actually Cora, fresh from snooping through her daughter's manse yet still looking for forgiveness. Can we take just a moment to imagine how much more awesome Once would be if Cora had been impersonating Henry this entire time?

Initially, Regina's no dummy. She rejects Cora's entreaties, saying that she knows her mother framed her for Jiminy Human's so-called death. Regina also says that she's going to take Cora into town, where mom will have to confess her lies to the whole of Storybrooke. Considering how one can saw another person in half in this town without getting so much as a strongly worded letter in return, this may not be as damning as Regina hopes it will be. In any case, the younger Mills soon finds herself hesitating when her mother starts the manipulation machine, telling Regina that the two of them might be able to free Henry from the Charming family's clutches. Well done, sentimental hand print plate: You are literally the first of your kind to ever do something useful.

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