Once Upon a Time recap: Fare Thee Belle

We learn that Belle is more than just a pretty face -- as is Hook
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

WAIT, WAIT Belle can see the good in anybody.

Jack Rowand/ABC

Back in present day, Belle tells Hook she’s not afraid of him. Hook plays this scene very sexually, but Belle stands her ground. Was anyone else a little put off by Hook pointing with the gun in this scene? Anyway, Hook tells Belle that Rumpel was the one who killed his wife. But she still stands by her man, saying that she still believes there is good in him. His heart is true. Not so for Hook, whom she bests, knocking him over with an oar on the ceiling. BELLE!!!!

Belle tries to escape the ship, but Hook knows his way around a boat -- if you know what I mean -- and he catches up to her. Luckily, Archie did his job and Rumpel is there too. Hook calls him a coward with a limp, which prompts Rumpel to start beating Hook mercilessly with his cane. Wonderful Belle is able to convince Rumpel not to kill Hook. She still sees the good in Rumpel, after all. Rumpel warns Hook to get out of town.

Back in fairytale world, Belle confronts the Yaoguai. She lures the creature into a trap and douses it with water. As we watch the sad creature struggling, no one wants to see it killed. But Belle notices that it's spelling “save me” in the ground. She sprinkles fairy dust on the creature. Voila: It’s actually Prince Phillip. Darn that Maleficent!

We get to see Mulan and Phillip’s meet cute (though I will still ship Aurora and Mulan forever after). Belle is going back to Rumpel. But the celebration is cut short when Regina -- girl, where have you been -- confronts Belle in the woods and kidnaps her.

In present day, Henry is drawing his plans for the apartment if Snow and Charming move out. He wants an armory so that he and Emma can be protected from Regina. Man, this kid needs a good therapist. Oh wait, who’s that knocking at the door? Archie’s back! Regina didn’t do it. Well, this is going to be awkward next week.

Throughout this episode, Belle kicked butt as an awesome warrior -- but she did it on her own terms, by using her wits and her kindness to solve all of her problems. That's what makes this ending completely devastating. Rumpel puts the potion on his shawl and crosses the city limit line. He smiles warmly at Belle. He’s off to find his son, and he knows she’ll be there when he returns... but not if Hook has anything to say about it. The pirate shoots Belle and she falls across the dividing line. She’ll live -- but she won’t remember who she is. Now that we’ve seen how powerful Belle can be, how can we watch her become helpless again?

Rumpel is going to make Hook suffer. He conjures up a fireball. But before he can throw it, a car driven by a mysterious stranger comes bounding into town, hitting Hook. We see a Pennsylvania license plate: “2KFL 138." Horowitz and Kitsis, you sly dogs! What do we think it means? Let me know your guesses in the comments.

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