Once Upon a Time recap: Fare Thee Belle

We learn that Belle is more than just a pretty face -- as is Hook
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

WAIT, WAIT Belle can see the good in anybody.

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Speaking of fairytale land: Flashback Belle tells her travel companions she’s figured out from her book that the best place to find the Yaoguai is by a lake. The punks promptly kick her out of the wagon. She gives a wry grin as the gang of annoying male adventurers head off to the lake. JK, Yaoguais like to hang out in mountain habitats, suckas!

Believing/hoping that the Yaoguai is sleeping, Belle approaches his cave. She accidentally steps on a stick and awakens the creature, who is in full-on rage mode. Luckily, a warrior steps in to fire an arrow and scare off the beast (or… well you’ll see). Duh, it’s Mulan. It’s good to see that Mulan has the same pleasant personality with everyone she meets; she instantly berates Belle for destroying her hunt and tells her to stay out of her way.

In the present day at Archie’s wake, Henry’s too depressed to eat a Pop-Tart and the dwarfs are wondering when everyone gets to go home to the Enchanted Forest. You see, after Regina just straight up killed Archie (allegedly), no one is feeling safe. Plus, everyone’s worried that a stranger could come to town and be a little befuddled by a girl who turns into a wolf or, you know, people who traffic in fairy dust. Grumpy then delivers my favorite line ever: “That doesn’t change the fact that while we might enjoy things like penicillin, we’re a bit homesick.” YES!!! Penicillin is the number one thing I say when defending modern culture -- I mean, I could say iPhones, but that would make me sound like a jerk.

Despite the botched cell signal, Rumpel rescues Belle. Needless to say, he’s none too pleased about Hook coming into town and trying to destroy the thing he loves most (besides that shawl). Belle tries to talk Rumple out of doing something he’ll regret. He’s so close to going after his son -- why let some crummy pirate mess it up? Rumple tells an abridged version of his history with Hook, but leaves out the very important “I killed my ex-wife by ripping out her heart” detail.

Rumpel and Belle walk into his shop to find it torn apart, the shawl gone! GONE! Hook attacked Belle so that Rumpel would leave the shawl unattended. Wait, is there a reason that Archie would have known about that shawl? Am I missing something? Rumpel smashes a model ship (it’s symbolic!), cursing that darn pirate. He’s going to get back what’s his and he wants Belle out of the way. He gives her a gun -- would that he wouldn’t have! Doesn’t he know his Chekhov?

Back in flashback land those two punks who pushed Belle off the wagon are upset that she led them on a useless journey. One holds her over a well, but Mulan comes in to save the day. Once again, people inexplicably can’t tell that Mulan is a woman, even though she has such a feminine frame. No matter, I can link to this clip again.

Mulan’s ready to team up. Belle will track the beast. Mulan will kill it. Let’s just hope that leg injury that they both make a big deal about doesn’t stop her from doing so…

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