Once Upon a Time recap: Father and Child Reunion

Once throws a curveball by revealing the identity of Rumpelstitlskin's long-lost son. (Hint: He's exactly who you think he is)
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

OH, BAE-BY That little bundle of joy will one day become a dreamcatcher-hoarding car thief. They grow up so fast...

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Bae realizes that Henry is his son. Rump realizes that Henry is his grandson. Emma realizes that she's screwed. Henry realizes... that his dad's a heroic fireman! And that he'll take him away from all this, just as soon as the Angels win the pennant! No, wait: He's figured out the truth, and he's furious that Emma's been lying to him, just like a certain adoptive parent who is still technically his legal guardian. What's next, another poisoned turnover?

Also furious: Bae, who's decided to give Rumpelstiltskin precisely three minutes to try to explain his horrible actions. Rump tries to win over his long-lost boy by promising to bring him to Storybrooke and make him 14 again. Come on, Rump; you should know that any adult wouldn't wish that fate on his worst enemy. Naturally, Bae isn't moved; he (obviously) doesn't want to be taken back to the age of pimples and voice cracking, and he also still hasn't gotten over Rumpel abandoning him way back when.

Bae has, however, gotten over Emma keeping his son's existence from him -- and he's cautiously thrilled about getting the chance to finally meet and speak to Henry. (If you don't initially see the parallels between Rumpelstiltskin/Baelfire and Baelfire/Henry, don't worry -- Once will not hesitate to remind you of them over and over and over again.) They're reunited, and it feels okay! There's just one wrinkle...

Back in the Fairy Land that was, a now-empowered Rumpel meets with his old seer pal, who's now grown from a creepy child to a creepy woman. He's eager to know how to find his son, and she tells him that he will -- only after someone else casts a great curse that rips everyone away from this land. The prophetess also reveals that a boy will lead the Dark One back to his son -- but that Rump should beware of that boy, because he will be the imp's undoing. After imparting that last bit of information -- and passing along her powers of prophecy for good measure -- the seer dies.

Rump's grand idea for dealing with this mysterious boy? "I'll just have to kill him." Uh oh; who knew Henry annoys his grandfather just as much as he annoys the rest of us?

NEXT: Twisted family tree breadcrumbs!

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