Once Upon a Time recap: About a Boy

And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children play / But there is no joy in Fairy Land -- mighty Rump has lost his Bae
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 22, 2012

BAE IT FORWARD When your dad's The Dark One, only a shaggy mop of Bieber hair may be able to protect you.

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Remember how Henry told Gold he wanted to congratulate Mary Margaret for not murdering anyone? Well, apparently the whole town feels the same way. They're celebrating "Way Not to Commit Homicide" Day by throwing MM a party in her own apartment. Henry even gives her a card signed by his entire class; inside, it says, "We're so glad that you didn't kill Mrs. Nolan!" Greatest card of all time, or what?

In Fairy Land, Rumpelstiltskin gears up to heal Baelfire's boo-boo with a bit of magic. But Bae isn't interested in magic; in fact, he thinks that Rump should give up the whole Dark One gig altogether. He asks his father if he's tried to rid himself of his curse, and Rump reminds us about the Dark Dagger and its magical properties; whoever kills him with it will inherit the Dark One's powers himself. Ah, but if there were a way to get rid of the Dark Powers without hurting himself or Baelfire -- in that case, says Rump, he'd do it to make Bae happy. That's all his son needs to hear. Baelfire gets his dad to make a deal with him: If he can find a way to erase the Dark Curse, Rump will go through with it willingly.

Back in Storybrooke, Gold is feeling mighty suspicious of August. He's certain his name is fake, and he's also discovered a drawing of the Dark Dagger on the writer's desk. And then, after following August to the local convent, he discovers another bit of info about the stranger: Apparently, he told its Mother Superior that he's recently found his long-lost father. Could August actually be a grown-up version of Baelfire, as commenters have been speculating since he first rode into town? Either way, August is certainly doing his best to make Gold think that's who he is.

A character we've met only briefly before -- Morraine, a child veteran of the Ogre Wars -- tells Baelfire that she knows who could help him save his father: an ancient being who's more powerful than even the Dark One. It's impossible to understand the name Morraine assigns this being; thank the gods for closed captioning, which tells me she's called Reul Ghorm. (Both are Gaelic words, evidently; the first means "star," the second means "blue.") After learning that his dad killed a mute maid simply because she overheard some sensitive dagger talk -- "Even a mute can draw a picture!" Rump tells Bae cheerfully -- Baelfire has a renewed resolve to get rid of Papa's dark passenger.

Reul Ghorm turns out to be the Blue Fairy's less pronounceable real name. That night, Baelfire summons her, and she says that while she can't make Rumpel fully human again, she can send him somewhere he can't use his powers. To get to this land without magic, Rump and Bae will have to use a bean -- a special bean! (She let him go, she didn't know he'd stolen her bean!)

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