Once Upon a Time recap: Howl Play

Little Red Riding Hood's tale gets delightfully twisted as the mystery of Kathryn's disappearance deepens
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 11, 2012

TEEN WOLF It's only a matter of time before we see Red tearing it up on the b-ball court

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Snow introduces herself as Frosty, explaining to Red that she has to keep her real identity secret. After giving the matter a bit more thought, though, Snow decides that she'd love to pretend to have a normal name. So she tells Red to call her Margaret -- wait, Mary -- or how about Marcy May? Nope, Mary will work just fine.

Red takes her new friend to a nearby well, explaining that there's a wolf terrorizing the village. As they discover, the creature isn't just killing sheep anymore. The well's water is colored a deep crimson -- and there are scores of mutilated bodies scattered on the snowy ground around it. It's a gruesome sight that happens to be one of Once's more artistic tableaux. It's a shame that the scene also looks an awful lot like a shot from Catherine Hardwicke's stylish but empty Red Riding Hood.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret asks Emma if David is okay, and if they've got any word from Kathryn. Emma explains there are no new developments in the case; she doesn't tell her friend that she just dismissed David from her office after questioning him. They soon come upon Ruby, who's fending off the slimy advances of Dr. Whale. The bad doctor quickly scurries away as the sheriff and his onetime one night stand approach.

Ruby tells the duo that she's leaving town, although she doesn't know exactly where she's going. Because MM's apartment basically functions as a home for wayward girls, she invites Ruby to stay with her until she figures things out. So in one reality, Red takes Snow in, and in the other reality, Snow takes Red in. Nice parallel, Once writers.

Town hall meetings in Fairy Land aren't quite as fun as town hall meetings in, say, Pawnee. After some chatter about ending the wolf's reign of terror, Granny steps out and grimly lays down some real talk. 60 years ago, she watched another wolf slaughter her entire family. It spared the widow herself, leaving her with a terrible bite scar on her arm. There's no fighting a wolf like this, according to Granny: "You don't kill it. You just hide."

Cut to Snow making the understatement of the year: "So... your Granny's kinda intense." Red agrees; she wants nothing more than to escape her grandmother's house, but the old lady is keeping her cooped up like one of her chickens. She wants to run away with Peter -- maybe to Never Never Land? -- but she'll never be able to as long as the wolf is around. But suddenly, Red has an idea. If she and Snow go after the wolf when it's light outside, they'll be able to kill it as it sleeps. Cue up the woodwinds -- it's huntin' time.

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