Once Upon a Time recap: A Fairy Tale -- Literally

Before Grumpy was Grumpy, he was just a dwarf, standing in front of a fairy, asking her to love him
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 4, 2012

HEIGH-HO, HEIGH-HO, OFF TO THE BAR WE GO Dreamy and the Seven Dwarfs is so gonna be my band's name.

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A droopy Dreamy heads back to the mine and gets to work, viciously hacking at a diamond-studded rock. He attacks the stone so hard that he breaks his ax -- and when Bossy hands him a new tool, the name that appears on it is Grumpy instead of Dreamy. Cue Debbie Downer "whomp whomp" noise.

At least someone gets a happy ending tonight. Storybrooke's powerless citizens buy all of MM and Leroy's candles, leaving them with the $5,000 the nuns need to pay their rent. When Leroy delivers the good news to Astrid, he even finds the courage to tell her that he's going to fix up his dilapidated boat -- and that he'd like her to be his first passenger. As they chat, the candles flicker like Fairy Land's long-lost fireflies. Mary Margaret, too, seems close to getting back into the townspeople's good graces. Instead of riding away in her Trampmobile, she heads back into the festival. Granny even lights her candle. (She knows MM -- she's shivering.)

But things aren't looking quite so bright and shiny for David. After a good old-fashioned threatening from Regina, Emma reluctantly approaches the adulterer at the fairground. The entire town watches as he climbs into the back of her squad car. Goodbye, Prince Charming -- hello, Prince Incarcerated.


- Yikes, those fairy costumes! Five words: Tutus festooned with Ribbon Dancers.

- Tonight's episode is going to lead to some uncomfortable conversations for the show's family viewers: "Mommy, where do dwarf eggs come from?"

- So what, exactly does fairy dust do -- besides turning dwarfs into romantics and helping English children fly?

- I loved the smash cut from Dreamy hatching to Leroy attacking his breakfast. Ditto this weird, wonderful exchange between Nova and Dreamy in the mine: "You're one?" "I know. I look young for my age."

- Like me, Emma doesn't get why there's a mine in Storybrooke: "Coal? In Maine? If they were mining for lobster, I would understand."

- Pssst, Losties: The nuns sold 42 candles last year.

- MM and Leroy attempt to sell a candle to a tall, thin guy eating a carrot and his squat wife. I think we've just met Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sprat.

- What I wouldn't give to see the maps inside Nova's boat! How many kingdoms are there in Fairy Land, anyway? And does the realm have an actual name?

- I sure hope Nova actually got to be a fairy godmother -- though given what happened to Cinderella's, it seems like a pretty high-risk profession.

- One more fantastic moment: The way Grumpy savagely said "heigh ho" before decimating his original ax.

Next Sunday: Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood! You sure are looking good. In the meantime, let's talk "Dreamy." How did you like the love story? What about Amy Acker's performance? And would you take medical advice from a doctor who got certified by a pickaxe?

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