Once Upon a Time recap: A Fairy Tale -- Literally

Before Grumpy was Grumpy, he was just a dwarf, standing in front of a fairy, asking her to love him
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 4, 2012

HEIGH-HO, HEIGH-HO, OFF TO THE BAR WE GO Dreamy and the Seven Dwarfs is so gonna be my band's name.

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It turns out that Leroy's earlier assumption was right: Nobody wants to buy candles from the town harlot and the town drunk. After a discouraging attempt to sell their wares door to door, Leroy approaches Astrid to deliver the bad news. But he can't bear to disappoint her, so he ends up pulling a Seacrest instead: "The bad news is... you nuns are going to be real busy making candles, because YOU'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD me and Mary Margaret just sold them all!" Though MM's aghast at his lie, Leroy snarls that she shouldn't judge him for falling for someone who's unavailable -- and says he'll rustle up the $5,000 he promised Astrid.

At Firefly Hill, Dreamy and Nova admire the kingdom and sigh about how they'd love to see it up close. Suddenly, Dreamy's impulsively proposing that they sail away together and go exploring -- and Nova is just as impulsively saying yes. Pretty little picture, yes?

Speaking of boats: Leroy tries to sell his to Mr. Gold, but Storybrooke's most powerful man isn't prepared to meet his price. When Gold finds out that Leroy is trying to help the nuns, he's even less inclined to hand over cash -- apparently, he's got a "long and complicated history" with them, and he's looking forward to the day they're forced to leave town. So Gold doesn't like The Sound of Music? He really is a monster. Disappointment piles atop disappointment when Astrid soon shows up, bearing a pie for her candle-selling hero -- only to discover that Leroy lied to her. She sadly walks away, leaving Leroy with only an entire pie for comfort. Which, if you think about it, isn't actually so bad.

The Mystery of the Missing Blonde deepens. Emma discovers that Kathryn never showed up at her law school in Boston. What's more, Sidney's phone records show that Kathryn had an eight-minute conversation with her husband shortly before she disappeared -- even though when questioned, David told Emma that he hadn't spoken with Kathryn since they split up.

Dreamy's seven small pals wish him luck as he leaves to go meet Nova. But on the way, he's stopped by Bossy, who tells him that he's shirking his responsibility -- especially since dwarfs are incapable of love. The message is reinforced by the Blue Fairy, who also happens to be Nova's mentor. She tells Dreamy that if he runs away with Nova, she'll lose her wings. I'm guessing that ringing a bell wouldn't make them grow back. Like Rump and Snow before him, Dreamy ends up pushing his love away. More like happily never after, am I right?

At Granny's, Leroy and MM drown their sorrows. He moans that his whole life, people have been trying to tell him what he can't do -- but Astrid believed in him. MM mopes about her pariah status. But suddenly, Leroy is resolved to make a change. He climbs up to the roof of a building overlooking the Miners Day festivities and thrusts a pickaxe -- wait, where did he get that? -- into a nearby transformer. Storybrooke is plunged into darkness... which is pretty convenient for a duo that's trying to sell candles.

NEXT: "It's out again! Sorry 'bout your friend" -- plus Breadcrumbs

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