Once Upon a Time recap: A Fairy Tale -- Literally

Before Grumpy was Grumpy, he was just a dwarf, standing in front of a fairy, asking her to love him
Ep. 14 | Aired Mar 4, 2012

HEIGH-HO, HEIGH-HO, OFF TO THE BAR WE GO Dreamy and the Seven Dwarfs is so gonna be my band's name.

Chris Helcermanas-Benge/ABC

Remember how the last promo we saw made it seem like tonight's show would be all about Kathryn's disappearance? Yeah, not so much. But we do get the start of an investigation. Emma takes pictures of the car's wreck and is swiftly joined by Sidney, who claims to be doing some freelance reporting. Next, Emma's planning to check Kathryn's phone records to see who she spoke with before crashing. Sidney offers to use one of his old contacts at the phone company to get the records faster; Emma, who can supposedly tell when a person's being deceitful, accepts his help without a second thought. Maybe she should stop bragging about her supposed superpower; Sidney's contact is, of course, Regina, who wastes no time printing false records.

Leroy approaches MM at the volunteer center and offers his services. As he's signing up, another nun is castigating Sister Astrid for accidentally ordering 12 times as much helium as they need. Wait, don't return it, guys -- you could make an Up house! Alas, buying the noble gas has accidentally bankrupted the convent; now they won't have enough money to pay their rent. When Leroy learns about Astrid's plight, the compact curmudgeon vows to save her home by selling every last candle.

Meanwhile, Nova and Dreamy are officially meeting cute in the mine. He helps save her brand-new bag of fairy dust from meeting a fiery end, then listens patiently as she moans about how her clumsiness will prevent her from ever becoming a fairy godmother. Dreamy tells Nova to cheer up: "You can do anything you want, as long as you can dream it." I'm sensing a pattern. Besotted, Nova slyly tries to invite him to meet her at Firefly Hill -- what are the chances of this being a Joss Whedon reference? -- that evening. The implication goes right over poor, dense Dreamy's head, which makes sense, since he's around five feet tall.

That evening, the dwarfs unwind at Fairy Land's version of the Star Wars cantina. But Dreamy doesn't join in, even when his pals use a dinglehopper to arouse Sleepy from his rest. He's dazed, he's pale, he's sick, he's sore -- what could possibly be the matter? Luckily, there's someone at the next table who recognizes a fellow lovefool: a wistful Belle, who must have recently left Rumpelstiltskin's castle. She diagnoses Dreamy's affliction and tells him that he should go meet up with Nova. Dreamy takes the inexplicable Aussie at her word and sets off to find his winged paramour.

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