Once Upon a Time recap: Really, Most Sincerely Dead?

In which we say a final goodbye to a member of the Once family. Probably.
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 30, 2014

Katie Yu/ABC

Yeah, not so much. It seems that once the 'Stiltskins have been separated, not even the combined powers of Rump and Emma can save Neal's life. And so Emma's first true love gets a long, teary goodbye with two of the people he cares for most, telling Emma to promise him that she and Henry will be happy, then directing his very last words to the father who sacrificed everything for his only son: "I love you, Papa." Excuse me, but I believe there may be a bit of pixie dust in my eye.

And so Rumpel can finally tell everyone that Zelena and the Witch are the same person -- but it hardly matters, since she still holds his dagger and can therefore control his every move. The Dark One slinks back to his cage as Emma takes a deep breath and confesses to Henry that the father he can't remember has just died. Instead of ending on a sad note, though, the episode concludes on a vengeful one: Emma promises to get the person responsible for Neal's death. (Which, technically, would be Neal himself, though perhaps this is the wrong moment to split hairs.)


- Snow is so totally shocked to learn that Zelena is the Witch that I kind of hope her baby is born with three heads.

- Belle promises that Rump can make Lumiére human again... and the candelabra somehow resists the urge to burst into song.

- There's magic in Storybrooke, but not the kind that can make a decent bagel.

- Zelena's assessment of Belle and Nealfire: She "isn't as smart as she thinks," and he's "dumber than a box of hair." Ooh, do Charming and Snow next!

- Before Neal leaves the hospital, Hook presents him with some radioactive green Jell-O: "I gather it has great medicinal properties." Hee!

- Robin's a bit of a spin master: Regina is "bold and audacious, perhaps, but not evil." Yeah, she's gonna get some of that Loxley for her bagel, if you know what I'm saying.

- Be straight with me: Are you sad to see Neal go, maybe-probably for realsies? Or can you hardly wait for the Emma/Hook-up his death clears the way for?

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