Once Upon a Time recap: Really, Most Sincerely Dead?

In which we say a final goodbye to a member of the Once family. Probably.
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 30, 2014

Katie Yu/ABC

If only Rafiki were around, Nealfire wouldn't have to waste time searching for his father. But because Once hasn't yet hit the Lion King well, he rips out his hospital IV -- kids, don't try this at home -- has a surprisingly un-macho heart-to-heart with Hook, and heads off to find Rump.

Meanwhile, Snow is still not even a little bit suspicious of Zelena. She's so trusting, in fact, that even though she and Charming have chatted since the Prince's nightroot-induced fear manifestation -- which happened after he drank the tea Zelena made for him; put the pieces together, guys! There are literally two pieces! -- she sees no reason not to accept the orange juice the "midwife" has brought her. The Witch's giant honking emerald is practically glowing with malevolent glee as Snow downs a glass of the stuff. Prediction: Snow just guaranteed herself a green baby.

In happier news, Regina and her second Twue Wuv have finally crossed paths in Storybrooke. Like the Queen, Robin Hood is casing the farmhouse for signs of the Witch; like the Queen, he's feeling some immediate chemistry, enough to momentarily call off the investigation to share a few sips of liquid courage. (Yo Hood -- I'm all for drinking on the job, but when will you people realize that ingesting the stuff you find in a witch's house is probably not the best idea?) Regina, sensing a spark, is about to imbibe... when she notices the lion tattoo on Robin's wrist. Just like that, she realizes that this is the guy she's destined to fall for -- and the thought freaks her out so much that she immediately turns to make an Irish exit.

While Rump-hunting, Emma and Neal's paths cross once more. Everything's going hunky dory as they swap stories -- "I almost married a monster from Oz;" "I almost married an evil minion of my grandfather, Peter Pan, so I know what you're saying" -- until Belle calls with an explanation for the burn on Neal's hand. Her research has revealed that it's the seal of the Dark One's vault, which can only be opened via human sacrifice. Meaning that if Neal did, in fact, free his father, he should be dead as a doornail.

Cue Neal collapsing... and his face briefly morphing into Rumpel's. Whoa! I give Once plenty of crap for its effects, but this is legitimately cool. It emerges that the only way to de-crazify Rump is to get Neal out of his head for good -- and so, using her convenient magical powers, the savior easily manages to do just that. All's well that ends well?

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