Once Upon a Time in Wonderland recap: A Message and a Bottle

Alice and the Knave set off to find Cyrus's magical home -- with the Red Queen and Jafar hot on their trail
Ep. 02 | Aired Oct 17, 2013

THE RETURN OF JAFAR He's... ecstatic.

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Never fear: Inspiration is on the way, in the form of a paper crane that Cyrus has magically sent Alice's way at great personal risk. (He's being held inside a cage made of silver, which is apparently imbued with anti-genie properties; just touching it gives Cyrus a nasty burn. Presumably, he can't magick his way out... though evidently, he can perform magic inside its bars. Huh.) The crane contains a note in which Cyrus pledges his everlasting love for Alice, then urges her to leave Wonderland for her own sake.

All that Alice can see when she reads it, though, is proof that Cyrus really is alive. ("I thought true love didn't need proof," the Knave comments, winning my cold, shriveled heart.) She writes her own message on the back of the crane -- "I'm coming for you!" -- and sends it back Cyrus's way. Wait, Alice has finger magic too? Who cares: Her resolve has been replenished! (Update: Apparently, it's the paper itself that's magic. My mistake.) Can't wait until she gets incrementally closer to Cyrus after punching a Gift Horse in the mouth next week.

Wonder Breadcrumbs

- Want to know more about how Alice and Cyrus fell in love? Tonight's flashback sequences explain it all: See, they met, and then they fell in love. That clears everything up.

- I will say, though, that I appreciated learning that Cyrus is the one who taught Alice her ninja skills -- and their first kiss was very sweetly choreographed.

- Also: Cyrus was sent to Wonderland because his last pre-Alice master wished the genie far, far away from him when Jafar came calling.

- According to the episode's official descriptions, the Red Queen's white-wigged footmen are named Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Hee!

- Anyone else getting a “Jafar in disguise” vibe from the old man also being kept prisoner in Jafar’s dungeon? Wouldn't be the first time, right?

- I'm sure Emma Rigby is a lovely person, but guys, I'm really not feeling the Red Queen. She acts like she's an overenthusiastic theater kid playing Amneris in a high school production of Aida. That said, the girl knows how to rock a red velvet toga.

- Jafar's dastardly plan evidently involves breaking The Laws of Magic. They are as follows: A genie can't kill anyone, bring anyone back from the dead, change the past, or make anyone fall in love. Keep this in mind; there will be a test later.

- Sad Backstory Alert: The Knave grew callous after a mysterious, heart-breaking incident with someone named Anastasia. If he means this Anastasia, I will eat my hat and declare Wonderland the best thing since sliced bread.

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