Almost Human recap: Number One With a Bullet

Kennex and Dorian protect a woman from an advanced bullet that can seek out its target anywhere
Ep. 08 | Aired Jan 13, 2014

BANG BANG, YOU SHOT ME DOWN. Can Kennex and Dorian outrun a magic bullet?


Meanwhile, the gunrunners fire their magic bullet at Kira. Dorian jumps in the way and takes the shot meant for her because he's a real gentleman that way. This leads to Dorian's wacky malfunction of the week -- he now speaks Korean. (It's a fun bit, but I can't help but wish that Michael Ealy had more to do in this episode.) Kira is worried that the gunrunners will still kill her and her daughter (a fair assumption since they have a remote-controlled bullet) and tells Kennex that she wants to go to a "scrubber" and get the full Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind treatment so she'll forget all about Anton. Kennex asks her to help them identify Natalie.

In the lab, Rudy tries to fix Dorian, who is singing a Korean pop song. (Why that is part of his programming to begin with is anybody's guess.) Rudy asks if the operation involves either undercover work or sexbots, two things that we've seen that he knows his way around. Stahl reveals that Anton had opened a bank account under the name "Mark Cross." At the bank, Kennex and Dorian find a bunch of numbers and a video chip in Anton's safe deposit box. They play the video and discover that Anton was being extorted by the gunrunners.

Back at the safehouse, Kira has taken off to get her mind scrubbed. (You had one job, MX on guard duty...) Kennex and Dorian race to beat the gunrunners to Kira's location. At the back alley clinic, we see a number of illegal memory scrubs being performed. (Apparently people in 2048 really want to forget stuff.) Kira wants to remove everything about Anton from her memory so that the gunrunners will leave her alone. Too late, as the bad guys have arrived and a gunfight ensues.

Dorian fulfills his function as a "bullet catcher" and draws their fire by taking a ton of shots. (Also, Dorian blasting two guns is pretty awesome.) Kennex kills one of the gunrunners, while Dorian subdues Natalie. Back at the station, Kennex tells Kira that Anton traded software to the gunrunners in order to protect her and her daughter. Kira recognizes the numbers in Anton's safe deposit box from the first time they met. Anton was old-fashioned, and had written down his number for her. They used to write notes to each other in pen, she recalls. (The art of letter writing isn't dead in 2048 apparently.) Kira is glad that she didn't zap the memory of Anton from her brain, and gives Kennex the pen as a thank you. Kennex turns around and uses it to write a note to Stahl. Awwwww! (Seriously, their budding relationship is moving at a glacial pace.) Maldonado thanks Kennex for not destroying any more MXs."The night is young," he quips as a nearby MX looks on, terrified.

Another solid episode that unfortunately suffers from Fox's schedule shuffling. The show was hitting its stride and building the Dorian/Kennex partnership and then suddenly we're back to square one. Hopefully things will get back on track when the show returns after another hiatus. (Episodes four and nine have yet to be scheduled, so things could still get a bit choppy.)

Next time: John Larroquette finally joins the cast as Dorian's creator! Plus, Gina Carano as a sexy killer robot! Um, yes please! See you in three weeks!

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