Almost Human recap: Number One With a Bullet

Kennex and Dorian protect a woman from an advanced bullet that can seek out its target anywhere
Ep. 08 | Aired Jan 13, 2014

BANG BANG, YOU SHOT ME DOWN. Can Kennex and Dorian outrun a magic bullet?


Dorian discovers that Anton worked with his girlfriend, Kira Larson, at a company that makes tracking software for personalized advertising. (Perhaps they also made the video billboards in Minority Report?) In the car, Dorian, with a big grin on his face, notes that Kennex must like him since he shot the MX. Nothing like a random act of violence to help you bond with your partner. Rudy calls and reveals that the bullet was controlled remotely and can find its prey anywhere.

At Kira Larson's office, Kennex and Dorian find out that Anton was a gamer. (He was an Elder in something called "Warriors of Grun," a detail that doesn't pay off at all as the episode goes on.) Kira plays a message from Anton on her video hand phone and reveals that Anton was meeting with a headhunter named Natalie. (So by 2048, people get smart phone chips installed under their skin? Of all the tech on display in this show, cell hands is the one most likely to come to pass.) Outside, Dorian tells Kennex that he knows how Anton was killed.

As it turns out, Anton created the guidance system for the bullet. Kennex and Dorian figure out that Anton sold his software to some gunrunners who then had him killed. Cut to Natalie, the "headhunter" that Anton was seeing, and some gunrunners showing a buyer a video of Anton's murder. The buyer wants to see the bullet in action, so the gunrunners decided to use Kira as the next target since they have to kill her anyway.

At the precinct, Maldonado is questioning Reinhardt, the Insyndicate leader last seen in the pilot. Maldonado wants to know what Reinhardt and the Insyndicate were after when they raided the precinct and she's prepared to offer him a deal in exchange for information. Reinhardt reveals that they were looking for something in the precinct's evidence locker. Again, this part would've made more sense had it actually happened in episode two. Because it seems like Reinhardt has been in the interrogation room for weeks.

In the evidence room, Reinhardt taunts Kennex, noting that his ex-girlfriend Anna would be impressed to see him walking around. Also, Anna isn't her real name. But he knows where Anna is, which he'll reveal along with what Insyndicate was looking for if he's allowed to walk. Kennex objects, telling Maldonado that giving Reinhardt a deal would be a dishonor to the families of the officers killed during Insyndicate's raid. But Maldonado is worried that there's something worse in the evidence room. Ooh, finally some mythology to dig into. What do you think is in the evidence room? My guess is concrete proof that Minka Kelly's Detective Stahl is in fact a robot.

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