Nashville recap: Nobody Puts Juliette in a Corner!

How DARE you not promote Juliette's controversial comeback during Rayna's album release party?
Ep. 17 | Aired Mar 11, 2014


Queen Barnes understandably fumes at Avery's desire to produce Scarlett's album despite turning down a quarter of a million dollars to produce Juliette's album via Edgehill. "You don't wanna ride my coattails, so you can grab onto Scarlett's with both hands?" she yells at Avery. And this conversation was before Juliette felt rebuffed at the Everybody Loves Rayna (and her up-and-coming artists) gala, so her ire towards Avery must have contributed to the angst/craziness/helplessness that drove her up on that stage.

And yet… Scarlett is technically still an up-and-comer, while Juliette certainly is not. I understand the distinction, and so, probably, will Juliette when she really thinks this through. And her relationship with Avery might depend on her willingness to accept what she currently considers a betrayal. "What I really want is for you to find a way to be okay with this so I don't have to say no," he challenges her.

Deacon's girlfriend Megan can go straight to hell as far as I'm concerned because how and why would you not totally gobble up a dinner Deacon had lovingly home-cooked for you? Seriously? What a bitch. Oh, plus, she slept with Teddy. TEDDY. And Maddie's not-real father won't let Megan forget that -- at Rayna's drop party. Of all the obnoxious places you could possibly dream up to hit on your ex-wife's ex-lover's current girlfriend! Teddy segues into crazy mode as soon as Rayna rather corporately suggests he stick around and have a drink. She didn't mean it, man! The woman is a master schmoozer! She's just doing her job!

Teddy is a real sleaze bag when he hits the sauce, as we've learned. Hey, Rayna certainly has a type. He seethes with a sexual ferocity we're not accustomed to (and which I actually don't mind!) as he mutters The Truth to Megan: "These musicians, they're not normal people… Tell me you haven't been thinking about me as much as I've been thinking about you."

Will -- and Layla, by extension and because she sucks -- have been dropped from Juliette's tour, as Highway 65 is not in the business of promoting Edgehill artists. Layla's new manager, good old Will loyalist/terrifying figure in Will's life Brent, suggests the fake lovebirds pair up and go on a Tiny Tour of one-bedroom (okay, thousand-seat) theaters. Will would rather play 45-minute sets opening for Luke Wheeler, because duh.

But after overhearing a haunting encounter with a fan who had quite a lot of information about Will's past for just being a casual bystander at a Layla Grant concert (anyone else get major Wayne's World vibes here?! the Chris Farley character? just ignore me. pretend I don't exist.), Brent reminds Will that not everyone who's ever met/slept with him will keep his homosexuality a secret. Will stews in his profoundly cramped closet.

Meanwhile, Layla wants some answers. "So you're not helping me. You're not even sleeping with me now. Do you even want to be in this relationship anymore?

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.22.41 PM

Um..... That facial reaction is a definite....


But surprise! Will course-corrects the whole gay situation to the best of his completely warped ability by PROPOSING TO LAYLA. And she says yes! How else could their storyline continue? Their nothingness was going nowhere fast. Now they can get married! Hey, it's something to do. Happens all the time.

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