Nashville season premiere recap: Connie Britton's Hair Is in a Coma

In "I Fall to Pieces", Rayna, Deacon, and Juliette (she wishes) suffer from the aftermath of the season 1 finale's car crash
Ep. 01 | Aired Sep 25, 2013

MOMMY, SING SOMETHING Maddie patiently waits it out.


Zoe, Scarlett's friend since first grade, is replacing her as a waitress at the Bluebird. So far she only seems to serve as a human for our overgrown-mop head to talk to, now that Scarlett denied Gunnar's marriage proposal and has "gotta learn to stand on my own." But I'm sure she'll start screwing Avery or Gunnar by the time I finish this sentence, so expect to see a lot more of Zoe.

I liked Avery's delicate, piano-driven "How to Live Alone" solo, though I'm not sure what is going on with his really, really long hair. But the happiest Bluebird moment for me was Scarlett and Gunnar's sweet duet at the end -- not because "Why I Can't Say Goodnight" wasn't beautiful (it was!) but because Miss Scarlett's weave had been temporarily tamed. That thing was its own scene-chewing character all last season and I would love for it to keep allowing Scarlett more of the spotlight. Am I talking too much about these people's hair? Just wait 'til next week, when Rayna's back in full force after a deep condition.

For me, nothing will ever come close to Scarlett and Gunnar (Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio)'s series premiere duet on "If I Didn't Know Better," I realized tonight. I mean, everything these two sing together sounds amazing, but that initial vibe suddenly established at the end of that premiere -- so rich with tension, possibility, and holy sh*t would you listen to that girl's voice?! -- cannot be replicated. Nor should it be! Tonight's duet, similarly set over a montage of all the other characters and their suffering, was another good one. I think I'm okay with them not being together, but I don't want their songwriting partnership to ever die, and Scarlett's solo record deal as well as any romantic entanglements will surely corrupt that.

Meanwhile, Chris Carmack's Will ("Welcome to the closet, bitch!") is already getting a juicy storyline and lots of screen time, and I love it. He and the lovelorn Gunnar are roommates, and after contributing a vague painting of a bull with horns to one of the walls, Will decided that he and "the best damn songwriter in Nashville" needed to get loud and busy with a renovated-house party. Why not? They'd almost…started painting!

Enter local sex toys Lacy and Savannah (perfect names), plus a dude who gives Will the eye over a mouth-watering tray of jello shots. It's the mysterious guy from Will's gay past. "What the HELL are you doing here?" Will demanded, while thrusting the man against the washing machine -- one of TV's tried-and-true sexiest appliances. Nice job by Chris Carmack vacillating between super lustful and super angry here. We don't learn anything more about him, but obviously we will soon.

"This creep just made a pass at me -- you believe that?"

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.49.31 PM


Ugh, Peggy Kentner and Teddy. Can we not? First she confirmed their pregnancy to him "with three home pregnancy tests." Red flag. But no -- the baby did exist, he or she just no longer had a heartbeat when Peggy got her ultrasound. And then she LIED to him -- while in tears! -- and said she heard the baby's heartbeat. She'd dragged him all the way down to a depression-lit basement bar to tell him this, even though he'd been a complete jerk about the pregnancy. "I already have a family, Peggy." He can offer her financial support, and that's it. I'm so bored. No one is still reading this paragraph.

I turn it over to you: Did you love the season 2 premiere? Is it only a matter of time (like, 1.5 episodes) before Scarlett and Gunnar get back together? How long before Juliette blabs to the media about Deacon being Maddie's real dad? Are you still crying right now?


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