Nashville recap: A Nice Day to Start Again

Peggy and Teddy wed, Rayna and Luke bed, and Juliette gets a last-minute CRAZY PLOT TWIST
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 13, 2013


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Earlier, Maddie stepped it up and performed with her little sister Daphne at Teddy's boring wedding to awful Peggy. I could just listen to Lennon and Maisy Stella sing all day, even if Peggy was standing in the corner, vaguely haunting me. They're that good. Peggy's the worst, but Teddy had an incredibly sweet scene with Maddie in which he reassured her, "You were my first girl." That line earned him multiple Mid-Song Eyebrow Raises of Approval -- Maddie's signature move. They're so much more prominent now that she's a grown-up with contacts.

Maddie wanted to ditch her sleepover that night and "just come home and sit" -- I love that! Just sit! My pastime! -- she told Rayna on the phone, unknowingly interrupting another sleepover between… Rayna James and Luke Wheeler!

Rayna is just hookin' it up left and right -- earlier this season with Liam St. Lucia and now with country superstar Luke, who Bronco'd her out to the middle of his land to shoot at some bottles and help "distract" her from her Maddie/Deacon and Teddy/Peggy worries. (That "check out all my land" scene reminded me of Juliette and Deacon's songwritin' and skinny dippin' adventure in season 1.)

Turns out Luke's been through a similar saga in recent years: His ex-wife remarried and now he has to co-parent with some other dude. It's not ideal. But you learn to live with it, he told her from experience. I loved the aha! moment Luke provided Rayna: "You gotta cut the world a little slack, otherwise you will just go crazy." He's no Liam, but with lines like that, he's cool with me.

Meanwhile, two unlikely love interests, Gunnar and Jeff Fordham, went out on their very first date. Gunnar was somehow able to squeeze a fancy restaurant meeting with Jeff into his busy schedule of brooding and flopping around his pigsty apartment with his ex-girlfriend's best friend. (Zoey's big plot point in this episode is that she wears a lacy blue bra to bed.)

Jeff wants that song Gunnar won't give him, so he promised him a performance slot in the upcoming Music City Music Festival. All he has to do to earn it is go out on the road to write with an Edge Hill artist and learn "what it takes to make it at this label." (Um, $$$?) And the lucky Edge Hill artist is….

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